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Future of the Mobile Web Whitepaper

We're very happy to publish this paper arising from the The Future of the Mobile Web event held at the Dublin Convention Centre in January 2012. We covered a lot of ground and the paper is a serious attempt to capture all the topics covered from HTML5 to responsive design to device detection and many others. We found it to be a very worthwhile process to listen, validate our ideas and learn from others in the process of writing it. We hope it is useful to a wider readership also...

Future of the Mobile Web

Last week we hosted an event loftily entitled "The Future of the Mobile Web" at the Dublin Convention Centre...

Future of the Mobile Web: Request for submissions

Dear mobiForge community, We have invited a number of colleagues and opinion formers from across several different verticals to [b]a forum event in Dublin on January 26th next [/b]to discuss some of the most pressing [b]issues, trends, opportunities and challenges in today’s mobile web environment[/b]. People from companies like Adobe, Cloud Four, Nokia, Yiibu and others will be coming along. The idea is to build towards [b]a consensus on current technology, facts, fictions and opportunities of the mobile web[/b] in an environment that is increasingly noisy and hype filled...

Understanding User Interface in Android – Part 3: More Views

In the previous article, you saw the various basic views such as the TextView, EditText, Button, and how you can use them in your Android applications. In this article, we shall continue our exploration of another three categories of views - Picker views, List views, and Display views. The views discussed include: TimePicker view DatePicker view ListView view Spinner view Gallery view ImageView ImageSwitcher view GridView view...

Build Web Apps for iPhone using Dashcode

So far, much mobile developer attention has been fixated on the iPhone SDK released by Apple to build native iPhone applications. This is understandable, since with the SDK you can write native iPhone apps that take full advantage of the capabilities provided by the device, such as accessing the accelerometer, the camera, as well as obtain geographical locations using Core Location...

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