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The mobile video revolution: are you ready?

Ever since the first TV made its debut in the mid 1920s, the human race has been having a love affair with moving pictures. Since then we’ve witnessed an evolution from linear, tune-in-or-miss-out programming, to video-on-demand, to live-streaming. And now video’s taking over the internet. Would anyone have believed you if, in the 1920s, you...

Audio/Video Playback & Streaming Support on Mobile Devices

Audio and video are very important tools in the arsenal available to web-developers, marketing/sales types and content providers (to name but a few). Few are likely to remember the internet before YouTube, before on-demand playback of your favourite tv shows or even before Google for that matter, which means that the ability to embed movies and rich content in a webpage is almost certainly taken for granted in today's always-on world...

Content Delivery for Mobile Devices

In the past, delivering content to mobile devices has been a very tricky subject. Developers who came into the mobile world were usually confronted with a new and unknown paradigm, where very little information could be found on how to determine devices' capabilities and to deliver content to them...

Flash Lite and Video Streaming

The aim of this article is to provide the basic knowledge needed to start with Flash Lite and its compelling multimedia capabilities. We start with a basic introduction to Flash Lite, describing its history and capabilities. This is followed by a description of the tools necessary to develop Flash Lite applications. Towards the end we outline a simple application for streaming video with Flash Lite...

Meffy awards and Telenors football service

Heard about the Meffy Awards? In their own words: As the industry’s official benchmark for measuring success and rewarding innovation, the Meffys honour the most influential players from around the world. So, in other words, MEF aims to reward good mobile services...

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