Free service to identify device type, browser and OS

If you are looking for an easy and reliable way to identify device type (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV etc), OS and browser in your web applications, then you may want to check out a new free tool for that express purpose released by DeviceAtlas.

Detect Device Type, OS and Browser information for free

The importance of handling visitors on a range of different device types has now become a basic necessity in order to optimize experiences on the web. This free version of DeviceAtlas’ Cloud product enables developers to identify a range properties with a simple solution that can be easily added to a website or application.

Device Type

Identify what device category your visitor is using.

Mobile Phone Camera
Tablet eReader
Desktop Games Console
TV Set Top Box
Glasses Media Player


Provides awareness of the Operating System name and version .

Name Description
OS Name The name of the Operating System installed on the device. See a complete list of OS values. Dynamically populated at run time.
OS Version The Operating System version installed on the device. Dynamically populated at run time.


Reports the browser name, version and rendering engine.

Browser Rendering Engine
Name Description
Browser Name The name or type of the browser on the device. See a complete list of Browser values. Dynamically populated at run time.
Browser Version The browser version on the device. Dynamically populated at run time.
The name or type of the browser rendering engine used by the browser. See a complete list of Rendering Engine values. Dynamically populated at run time.

How does it work?

The service is implemented via an API call to DeviceAtlas servers.  You can download the API in the environment of your choice, drop a code snippet into your web pages and the service will seamlessly keep your applications capable of identifying and handling traffic from any device category via an up-to-date database of all the latest devices. That’s it, no further effort is required to stay up to date.

The free licence is available for:

This particular licence gives you 50,000 device detections per month which may be sufficient for sites with modest detection needs. If you need more detections or device information, a paid upgrade is available which provides more detections, more information and the ability to support more websites and applications.

You can download the service from the DeviceAtlas website .

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