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Web Developer's Guide released

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Posted by ronan - 09 Mar 2007
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I am proud to announce we recently posted the dotMobi Mobile Web Developer's Guide on mobiForge. This is quite a comprehensive guide to mobile web developement. It layers on the advice from the W3C's Mobile Web Initiative Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 document, but takes it further.

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We feel that it is very important to take the base of these best practices and make it more accessible. With this in mind, our developer guide starts by describing the mobile landscape in detail, and the importance of the mobile context. There are code samples and a lot of useful information. We then go on to describe actual techniques for putting together a mobile-friendly site and how to publish it. This guide is designed for developers who are already familiar with web developement in general, but now want to try their hand at mobile. For now, the guide does not cover more advanced techniques such as adaptation, but this will come with Part II

We'd love to hear your feedback. The more useful comments we get, the better the guide will be. You can leave comments directly on the page linked above or post something in our Forum.

The guide can be downloaded from our Registered Users Download Page. If you are not a registered user you can sign up here.

Posted by ronan - 09 Mar 2007

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Posted by 3D_Twister 6 years ago

A comprehensive understanding of my customers product and environment it is marketed in has been the focal point for years of packaging development. As I see the context of Web Design, Development and mobi perameters I will be learning with similar objectives on a smaller device yet broader field.
I have always enjoyed working with coded structure, but I know this will initially be a steep learning curve to work with the programming languages. It appears there will be no shortage of tutorials and cool tools to help get me up and crawling.
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yours truly

Posted by a_l_e_x 5 years ago

This was a good read - any news on an updated version?

Posted by rbchandler 4 years ago

Nice place to start, but does not go far enough or cover other methods. Most sites I have examined so far rarely follow the guidelines in the book. You can use a hodgepodge of code on a page and the site will still work and score high on mobiReady. Of course once you have built your web site what is next? The book does not cover this. Building a mobile site is easy if you want to settle for a canned site that forces you to use their hosting services in the process. Or, you can strike out on your own and hand code a site and upload the pages to your current site host. The battle is still not over as you now need to get your site listed on the search engines. Even when it comes to hand coding it is almost impossble to find a current list of acceptable codes and a brief example of how a given tag is used in a format that can be understood by stupid people. I write code in AIML (Artifical Intelligence Makup Language) there has always been a tag set I can reference as well as other references. While the language is different, the basic princples are still there. While I may not be able to write code from scratch ( I can read, cut-and-paste, and de-bug code real well. This is where a decent simple to use reference set would be real handy. Also included should be a couple of real world examples. While the simple example in the book works, I have yet to find somebody who has actually written a mobile site that way.