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Google Analytics, bots, and ghost traffic

As we discovered in a 2016 DeviceAtlas Mobile Web Intelligence Report, up to 50% of all website traffic can be attributed to bots, dark traffic, spammy referrals and all sorts of ne’er-do-well actors. Removing these sources from your reporting suite not only gives you a more accurate picture of where genuine traffic is coming from,...

Mobile statistics 2014 by country part. 2 [Spain, Italy, Japan, China]

Processing massive amounts of mobile traffic data, DeviceAtlas Data Explorer provides you with a unique insight into mobile traffic characteristics in countries across the world. Here are selected mobile traffic statistics for 2014 in Italy, Spain, Japan and China. You can also check out part 1 covering USA, UK, Germany and France here...

Will Chinese device manufacturers usher in global smartphone era?

New figures from industry analyst IDC show huge growth from Chinese handset manufacturers. According to IDC's report, better build quality and cheaper price points will hasten the decline of the feature phone market and usher in a global era of smartphone ownership...

Tracking mobile with Google Analytics

Mobile is becoming more important by the day and the figures speak for themselves: about 1 page out of every 8 was viewed using a mobile device (including tablets and phones) according to recent comScore research and last month Google released a study which showed that 77% of mobile searches were performed at home or at work even if a desktop PC was available...

10 reasons why mobile analytics are mission critical to a sustainable mobile strategy

These top tips on mobile analytics were contributed by Michael Ricci, vice president of mobile at Web analytics company Webtrends. On the mobile analytics side, Webtrends’ client base includes Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Monster.com, Hilton, New York Times, Daily Telegraph and RIM...

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