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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test: can a Spruce Goose really fly?

There has been a lot written recently about Google's mobile-friendly search algorithm update, starting first with SEO expert blogs, and ending up being covered by mainstream media sites. The update promised to penalise sites for not being mobile-friendly...

The mobile-friendly apocalypse is nigh

April 21st! Mark the date. Circle it. Set your alarms, and put your crash helmet on. If you're not mobile-friendly that is. Because April 21st is the day that your search engine rankings die. It's been called the mobile-friendly apocalypse, mobile-friendly meltdown,a there's even a hashtag, #mobilegeddon, for it, and indeed the world may end for your business. But bad things will only happen if you're not mobile-friendly...

Roundup: Smashing Conference 2014

Every year the team behind Smashing Magazine invites web professionals from all over the globe to join them in their home town of Freiburg, Germany for two days of talks and discussion about the web, hosted by Jeremy Keith. The Gothic surrounds of the Historical Merchants' Hall stood in juxtaposition with the cutting edge technologies under discussion by the attending web designers and JavaScript developers...

Fixit – Viewport meta tag

This test determines if your page has a viewport meta tag in the header. The viewport meta tag lets you modify the virtual viewport applied to the page and to target those modifications to particular viewport sizes. In effect, it instructs the browser when and how to zoom a page to achieve optimal rendering. Better rending within the browser improves user experience and allows webpages to dynamically adjust to different device types...

Fixit – Image Maps

This test determines if your page make use of image maps. While image maps are a convenient development shortcut, they are not considered mobile friendly. The additional weight of embedding links in images increases transfer time and rendering speeds. Additionally many mobile devices do not provide ample means to use image maps to users...

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