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What is m-commerce? How big is it really? And why any company who sells anything needs it, now

The stats tell us that mobile commerce (m-commerce) is big and growing fast. It all sounds very impressive when included in conference slides or presentations to clients/bosses. But closer analysis shows that analyst estimates vary massively and m-commerce is actually still only a small proportion of commerce generally, though is a fast-growing proportion of e-commerce. It isn’t the consumers that are the issue – research shows that they are keen to shop using their mobile device...

Global mobile statistics 2014 Section G: Mobile banking and m-money; Section H: Venture capital (VC) investment in mobile


Revealed: mobile banking customers at worlds largest banks – the huge, the tiny and the AWOL

If you want to know how seriously a company takes mobile, study the annual report. The reports of the world’s largest banks show that they – and their investors – consider mobile banking to be very important. And that’s not surprising considering that there are expected to be 1 billion mobile banking users in 2017, according to Juniper Research (January, 2013)...

Mobile wallet hype in Germany’s payments industry – more losers than winners

Do you remember the dotcom bubble at the turn of the millennium? Even back then, German consumers were able to make payments with their mobile phones. A start-up called Paybox enabled mobile payment transactions that leveraged the German domestic debit system to settle transactions on consumers' current accounts. All a consumer had to do was add their bank account details as a funding source to the Paybox system...

The rise of mobile banking and security concerns in the US [Infographic]

The Infographic from CreditScore.Net charts US consumer attitude to mobile banking. The stats are mostly from a Survey of Consumer Research Section of the Federal Reserve of around 2,000 consumers earlier this year (you should read this research)...

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