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  • CLANMO: in brief

    Type of agency: full service.
    Founded: April 2009; when Munich-based MindMatics merged two business units.
    Acquisitions: none.
    Main offices: Munich (HQ), Cologne, Germany.
    Employees (in mobile): 30 employees, plus five freelance.
    Ownership: wholly-owned subsidiary.
    Profile submitted by: Joachim Bader, managing director, CLANMO.
    Contact details: Joachim.bader (at)
    Recent news:
    • Sept 2009 – CLANMO formed the Mobile One Alliance with other independent agencies Mobile Dreams and Sponge.
    • June 2010 – IKEA PS mobile interior planning tool wins it’s fourth award with a bronze at the New York Festivals awards.
    Profile first published: July 2010.

    CLANMO: in depth

    1) Global annual revenue from mobile: unclassified.
    2) Is the mobile business profitable? Yes.
    3) How is the company funded? 100% owned by MindMatics.
    4) Proportion of business related to mobile: 100%.
    5) Business split: mobile strategy 10%; creative 40%; technical development 40%; maintenance/running of services 10%.
    • With many clients, Clanmo works as mobile lead agency and mobile hub, covering mobile strategy, creation, apps and portal development and seeding/discovery. There are two main focuses: a) mobile brand experience; b) m-business/m-commerce.
    6) Key mobile activities: mobile Web 30%; mobile apps 30%; m-commerce 30%; mobile advertising 5%; others 5%.
    7) Specialties/expertise: Clanmo’s work stands out for its consistent high quality and great innovative power. Working for clients such as IKEA, Lufthansa and Konami, on multiple occasions, Clanmo projects have become industry benchmarks (e.g. Lufthansa is global benchmark for aviation mobile sites) and have been recognized with numerous worldwide awards.
    8) Main competitors: n/a.
    9) Type of clients/industries:
    • Large international Blue Chip companies and “hidden champions” medium-sized businesses.
    • Focus industries include travel, automotive, e-commerce, fashion, lifestyle and telecommunications.
    10) Client base (click brand for case studies): includes: Vodafone; Lufthansamobile site; IKEA; Konami; Volkswagen; Audi • mobile site; Europcar • mobile site; T-Mobile; Philip Morris; Porsche; Hugo Boss; Xing.
    11) Geographical coverage (with % of revenues): Germany 90%; 10% elsewhere. But most projects are international rollouts.
    12) Award-winning campaigns:
    a) Lufthansa: mobile portal (re-launch)
    Mobius Award 2009 Best mobile website • details.
    b) Konami Digital Entertainment: Help Snake!
    New Media Award 2009: Top three mobile campaigns.
    • The mobile campaign ran three months in four European countries. Participants received a call from the virtual hero Snake and could assist him tactically during his adventures in the world of “Metal Gear Solid 4” using their mobile phone keypad. The response-rate exceeded 60 percent.
    • case study; • news.
    c) IKEA PS : Mobile interior design planner (in partnership with Ogilvy).
    GSMA Awards 2010 Best mobile advertising & marketing.
    New York Festivals 2010 Bronze World Medal.
    German Dialogue Award 2010 Commercial category; Silver.
    New Media Award 2010 Mobile Category; Silver.
    • The mobile application allows the customer to observe the furniture in his domestic setting using the integrated phone camera – a kind of mobile interior-design-planner. The user can place pieces of furniture from the new IKEA PS collection – virtually – in room and take a picture of the “new” room.
    • case study; • video.
    13) How do you sell mobile to your clients?
    • Mobile is direct contact to the customer.
    • It reaches target groups in new situations.
    14) What return on investment (ROI) should your clients expect from mobile? This depends on goal of the clients: m-business clients expect clear revenue or cost reduction; brand experience clients expect to reach target groups in new and innovate ways in the mobile lifestyle.
    15) Membership of industry bodies/associations: Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and guest member of mobile BVDW (The Federal Association of Digital Economy).
    16) What needs to happen to accelerate mobile marketing/Web/services over the next five years?
    • Better smartphones – not only Apple.
    • More attractive tariffs for consumers.
    • More creativity, generating better ideas for mobile.
    17) In 2015, mobile will account for 20% of digital usage and marketing turnover.

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