Insiders guides to worlds top mobile markets: Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Nigeria, Kenya, France, Japan, Canada, USA, India

Join mobiThinking for a journey around the globe. We invite the top experts in each region to introduce us to the highs (and lows) of mobile marketing and mobile Web in their countries.
Whether you are planning a mobile strategy in these geographies or interested in learning from them, these guides are essential reading.
The next guides scheduled for publication are Argentina and South Africa, with several others in the pipeline. We welcome any recommendations or help with any guides past or future. We are seeking experts on China and India. Please email: editor (at) mobiThinking.

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The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in Brazil

Image shows: Brazil flag with silhouette of RioAlong with Russia, India and China (known affectionately as the BRIC countries), Brazil is eyed as a market of great potential by operators, handset manufacturers and mobile marketers alike. With Brazil hosting both the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, we can only expect this massive mobile market to become an even hotter prospect. There are more mobile subscribers than people in Brazil, with 272.4 million mobile subscriptions shared among a population of 199 million. In 2013, for the first time, the number of smartphones sold outpaced the number of feature phones. Mobile Web use is rising rapidly – 36 percent Brazilians are regular users of 3G services. But the majority of the population remains on prepaid – pay-as-you-go – contracts.
Contributor: Federico Pisani Massamormile, CEO, Hanzo and former global chairman, MMA.
Published: March 2014.

The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in Germany

Germany: Europe's largest mobile market and biggest economyGermany is Europe’s largest mobile market and biggest economy. Here, a cell phone is called a “handy”, and Germans are very keen on them. Mobile phone subscriptions stand at 113.6 million, which is equivalent to 141 percent of the population. 60 percent of Germans have an Internet-enabled phone and 44 percent have a smartphone. Many German global brands such as Lufthansa, Volkswagen and Telekom are at the forefront of mobile innovation. Get the latest stats and facts, including top mobile sites, leading brands, innovative agencies, publishers and ad networks in Germany.
Contributor: Harald Neidhardt, founder of MLOVE, which runs a popular mobile conference in Berlin, Germany, and Monterey (CA) USA.
Published: September 2013.

The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in Sweden

Image shows flag of Sweden: one of the world’s most innovative and successful mobile marketsExcellent mobile broadband coverage, high smartphone penetration and widespread mobile data plans helped Sweden become one of the world’s most innovative and successful mobile markets. Sweden might not be the world’s largest mobile market, but is home to the world’s first 4G mobile networks, a mobile news site read by a quarter of the population and agencies that picked up nine Mobile Lions at Cannes 2012. This guide has all the amazing stats, the key players, the top mobile sites, apps and campaigns.
Contributors: Per Holmkvist, founder and strategy director, and Jessica Ekberg Collin, planner of Stockholm’s award-winning mobile agency Mobiento.
Published: March 2013.

The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in Nigeria

Image shows flag of Nigeria: the largest mobile market in Africa and the tenth largest in the world.Nigeria is the largest mobile market in Africa and the tenth largest in the world. With low PC and fixed-line penetration, there’s little surprise that the mobile device has long-since surpassed the PC as the way that Nigerians access the Web. This guide collects all available mobile facts and stats and details all the movers and shakers in this vast mobile market.
Contributor: Eniola Moronfolu, an economist, researcher and operations lead for Twinpine, a pan-African mobile advertising network, based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Published: November 2012.

The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in Kenya

Image shows flag of Kenya: the world leader in mobile money.Kenya is the world leader in mobile money. For 19 million Kenyans, the cell phone is a wallet and bank account. They can get paid, transfer money, pay bills, withdraw cash and even make in-store purchases – no matter what handset. Mobile Internet subscriptions are growing at 69 percent each year and make up 99 percent of Kenya’s Internet connections. On top of that the government puts development of the ICT sector at the top of the agenda… Okay, do we have your attention now?
Contributor: is Leo Mutuku. She is an actuarial scientist, researcher, data analyst and writer for iHub Research. iHub is an innovation hub in Nairobi.
Published: September 2012.

The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in France

Mobile Web and mobile marketing in France has been dominated by, the three mobile network operators’ (Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom) portals and opt-in SMS databases, but during 2010 independent mobile publishers and marketing agencies were gaining momentum.
This guide contains all the latest stats including subscribers, mobile Internet usage, top 20 mobile destinations and top 15 mobile agencies.
Contributor: Benoît Corbin, president of Ocito, a French mobile agency founded in 2002, and president of Mobile Marketing Association France (MMAF).
Published: February 2011

The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in Japan

The rest of the world is fascinated by mobile in Japan – but few people really know what’s going on. The truth is, quite simply, mind-boggling. This guide is packed with jaw-dropping statistics, enlightening case studies and analysis, while identifying all the movers and shakers in the business.
Did you know? McDonald’s Japan mobile site has 16 million registered users (more than 12 percent of the Japanese population) and its m-coupon service is used by 4.5 million.
Contributor: Christopher Billich spent five years as head of research at Infinita in Japan, analyzing mobile trends for international clients eager to emulate Japanese success stories back home.
Published: March 2010

The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in Canada

As the Winter Olympics 2010 kicks off in Vancouver, we turn to Laura Marriott, Canadian national, mobile guru and ex-president of MMA to be our guide to mobile in Canada. She taps Canada’s top wireless experts for the latest news and views on mobile Web, services and marketing from the world’s second largest country (by geography). Discover the latest stats, the top mobile sites and all the brands, agencies, publishers and mobile ad networks that are leading mobile innovation, as the World’s top wireless guru, draws on the expertise of her fellow Canadians.
Chief contributor: Laura Marriott, mobile marketing consultant, speaker and former president, MMA
Published: February 2010

The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in the US

The US is a market of over 270 million mobile users, collectively spending more on mobile data than anywhere else on the planet. Let the world’s leading mobile ambassador guide you through the ins and outs of the US mobile Web, as she shares invaluable insights, statistics, resources and tips.
Chief contributor: Laura Marriott, mobile marketing consultant, speaker and former president, MMA
Published: December 2009

The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in India

With 525 million mobile subscriptions (January 2010) and rising India is the world’s second largest mobile market after China. Cell phone penetration dwarfs both landlines and PCs, making the mobile channel the obvious channel for meeting the growing digital information and entertainment needs of this vast market.
Contributors: Sandy Agarwal, head of Nokia Interactive Advertising, Asia, MMA Asia board; Rajiv Hiranandani, co-chair, MMA India and co-founder, Mobile2Win
Updated: December 2009

The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in the UK

The UK has seen tremendous growth in mobile Internet in the past 18 months, as mobile browsing becomes more user-friendly. Almost 27 percent of the UK mobile subscribers now use their phone to access the Internet, according to research from mobileSQUARED.
Contributor: Nick Lane, chief analyst, mobileSQUARED
Updated: February 2010

The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in South Africa

With South Africa hosting the FIFA World Cup 2010, an already buoyant mobile Web marketing business should get a massive testosterone boost.
But with such a diverse population, South Africa presents interesting challenges together with the opportunities.
Contributor: Sean Pashley, chief commercial officer, Starfish Mobile
Published: July 2009

The insider’s guide to mobile marketing in Spain

With the highest mobile-Internet penetration in Europe, as well as being one of the world’s Top 10 nations for .mobi registrations, Spain is an attractive bet for mobile marketers.
Our guide hails from Madrid’s multi-award-winning agency Mobile Dreams Factory.
Contributor: Alberto Benbunan, co-founder, Mobile Dreams Factory
Published: May 2009

The insider’s guide to mobile marketing in Australia

Many of the top online publishers such as Bigpond (Telstra), Yahoo!7, NineMSN, News Digital Media have seen use of their mobile sites grow rapidly.
With mobile subscriptions at 110 percent of the population and good 3G coverage, Australia is often used by global brands as a test bed for mobile campaigns.
Contributor: Alex Burke, general manager Asia and Alex Hall, chief operations officer, TigerSpike
Published: April 2009

We welcome any recommendations or help with any guides past or future. Which mobile hotspots would you like to see profiled? Comment below or email editor (at)

See the Insider’s guide to mobile in: GermanySwedenNigeriaKenyaBrazilFranceJapanCanadaUSAIndiaUKAustraliaSpainSouth AfricaCountry guides homepage

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