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In the past three years, we have gone from a smattering of mobile statistics to an abundance of useful information. But there’s still a long way to go, there are still huge gaps in our knowledge, some countries enjoy a proliferation of data sources, while others have little or none; and the quality of statistics varies incredibly. As telecoms regulators and industry associations start to collect and share meaningful data, things will only get better.

An unfortunate side effect of the medias recent surge of enthusiasm for mobile in the past year is a tendency to highlight data of dubious quality (often when better is available), and/or widespread misunderstanding, misreporting and failure to qualify figures they have cherry-picked. This isn’t just misleading and confusing, it’s damaging. If brands are persuaded by hype to divert funds into niche, ill-thought-through mobile projects and then get burnt, the whole mobile business suffers.

This mobile stats compendium which is regularly updated – hopefully goes some way to putting right some of the sins of the last few years. But please remember that even the best quality independent statistics are speculative to some degree stats are not facts.
• If you use any of the stats, please remember to source and link to both the analysts and to mobiThinking. Please do not republish more than 5 percent of any piece of content without seeking permission.

• Thanks to all the analysts, associations and regulators that continue to send us their research. Please keep us updated: editor(at)
• Be the first to know when we add new stats: @mobithinking

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Finding your way around the mobile stats compendium:

The compendium is split up into sections to help navigation. Each section opens in a new window.

Section A: Mobile subscribers; handset market share; mobile operators

1) Mobile subscribers worldwideMobile subscriptions v unique mobile users (NEW)
2) The top 14 mobile markets (mobile and 3G subscriptions) (UPDATED): mobile and 3G subs for ChinaIndiaUSA etc.
3) Mobile device shipments (NEW)
4) Smartphone shipments (NEW) • Top five smartphone countriesSmartphone sales forecasts by regionSmartphone average selling price forecasts.
5) Smartphone market penetration
6) Mobile tablets sales and OS share (NEW) • Tablets: consumer or business? (NEW)
7) Mobile phone securityRise of mobile malware
8) Top mobile network operatorstimescale for operators to run out of profit

Section B: Mobile Web; 3G, 4G; mobile search

1) Active mobile-broadband/3G subscriptions worldwide
2) Top countries for mobile-broadband penetration (3G subscriptions) • USA • China • Japan etc.
3) Top countries for mobile Web users: ChinaJapan
4) Mobile browsing v desktop browsing
5) Most popular mobile browsers (NEW)
6) Mobile-only Web users
7) Internet-ready mobile handsets
8) High-speed mobile networks
9) Unlimited data plans and cost of data
• 7, 8 and 9 are seen as the drivers of mobile Web and mobile media growth.
10) Mobile search (NEW)

Section C: Mobile marketing, advertising and messaging

1) SMS – the king of mobile messaging
2) Mobile email, instant messaging and MMS
3) Global messaging revenues
4) The impact of OTT messaging services
5) Application to person (A2P) messaging.
6) Expenditure on mobile advertising and marketing worldwide
7) Mobile advertising in Japan, US, China
8) Top mobile ad networks
9) Consumer reaction to mobile ads
10) Why advertisers need a mobile-friendly site

Section D: Consumer mobile behavior

1) What do consumers use their mobiles for? (US, Western Europe and Japan).
2) Consumers, favorite mobile activities in the US
3) Consumers, favorite mobile activities in China
4) Mobile search activity

Section E: Mobile apps, app stores, pricing and failure rates

1) How many people use apps?
2) Do smartphone users use apps more than mobile Web or SMS?
3) How many mobile apps are there?
4) How many mobile apps are downloaded each year?
5) How much revenue do/will apps generate?Who is making money?Who is losing money?
6) How do you make money from apps?
7) How many app stores are there?What is the largest?What is the best?
8) What type of apps are most popular/abundant?
9) Which apps are most used?
10) How many apps fail? (How many are downloaded, tried and deleted?)
11) Is a mobile app a substitute for a mobile Website/mobile-optimized Website?
12) How many businesses use/will use enterprise (private) app stores?

Section F: Mobile payment, including m-commerce, near-field communications/contactless payments, m-ticketing and m-coupons

1) Mobile payments (m-payments)
2) Top countries for m-payments
3) NFC tap & go payments
4) Mobile commerce (m-commerce)
5) Mobile shopping consumer behavior
6) Top m-commerce retailers
7) Mobile tickets (m-ticketing)
8) Mobile coupons (m-coupons)

Section G: Mobile financial services (MFS) and m-banking

1) Users of mobile banking (m-banking) (NEW).
1a) M-banking around the world: China; USA; Europe (NEW).
1b) Top banks m-banking customers (NEW).
2) Mobile money (m-money) (NEW).
2a) Kenya is the world leader in mobile money services (NEW).

Section H: Venture capital (VC) investment in mobile

1) Mobile VC investment flows by quarter and sector (NEW).
2) Top 10 companies receiving highest levels of funding (NEW).
3) Most active VCs in mobile sector (NEW).
4) Is mobile the new tech bubble? (NEW).

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