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Under pressure in the UK, how popular are Huawei smartphones?

Huawei are in the headlines again – it’s been a hectic 12 months for the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer. The latest news follows a leak from the UK’s National Security Council, confirming Huawei will be allowed to supply non-core 5G tech (such as antennas) for Britain’s emerging network needs. The news travelled quickly across...

Counterfeit mobile phones are everywhere

A growing problem, worldwide Fake handbags, fake watches, fake news—these are all so familiar to us now that we don’t give them a moment’s thought and accept them as a matter of course. So it should come as no surpise to us that counterfeit phones are widespread also. How widespread? The EU’s Intellectual Property Office...


DeviceAssure launches at MWC19 (Video)

On the final day of this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Afilias team took to the stage to present DeviceAssure. DeviceAssure allows for the identification of counterfeit and non-standard devices in real-time. This can help secure your network against the many threats posed by such devices, which were explained in the presentation. It’s...


What we liked at Mobile World Congress 2019

With the 2019 Mobile World Congress done and dusted, we've compiled a list of the most impressive devices and gadgets we saw in Barcelona, as well as some of the notable speeches and announcements. While 5G was a constant this year, there was also plenty of comment around Huawei and the claims of Chinese government...


Mobile World Congress 2019 – Preview

It’s almost time for MWC2019, where the mobile world’s eyes and ears focus on Barcelona for four days of product launches, buzzword bingo and, to be fair, some genuine, worthwhile innovation. This year’s themes include Connectivity (basically, 5G), AI, Immersive Content (AR/VR), Disruptive Innovation (Bingo!), Digital Wellness and Trust, and The Future. So what can...

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