Must-watch video on how mobile is transforming Africa

Spotlight on mobile is a fun stats-filled introduction to the world’s second largest (and fastest growing) mobile market from Praekelt Foundation.

If you find mobile in Africa as fascinating as mobiThinking does, then you should read our newly-published in depth-guide to the Kenyan mobile market written by iHub Research’s Leo Mutuku. Mobile subscriptions in Kenya outnumber fixed lines 107:1 and mobile Internet subscriptions make up 99 percent of Kenya’s Internet connections, but the most remarkable thing about Kenya is that two-thirds of the 29 million mobile subscribers in Kenya use mobile money services, such as the world-famous M-PESA.
• The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in Kenya 2012

Over the next few months we hope to bring you similar in-depth guides to the other top mobile markets in Africa.

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