API has landed

Well, is landing. We’re just about ready to start beta testing on v2.2 aka API release. We’ve been planning this for a while, and a few of you have already had a sneak preview, but before we launch it fully, we invite any interested parties to try out the beta.

So, what’s in the API release exactly? Essentially it allows you to run mobile-readiness tests on your webpages without having to use the web GUI. So, for example, with the API you could easily integrate the results into your development cycle for automated QA on your webpages. Instead of using the web interface when you make a request for a page test, the results are returned as an nice XML document for your processes to consume. We’ll give all the details on the format of this document once you sign up.

To sign up just drop us a mail at Please get in touch if you are interested and we’ll send an API key your way and you’ll be all set. We look forward to seeing the weird and wonderful ways you will make use of the ready API.

Note: We are not currently issuing new keys for the API

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