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Automated Mobile UI Testing with CasperJS

While real user testing is critical to almost any web effort, the benefits and speed provided by automated testing make it a powerful addition to any test regime. In this article we'll be discussing the automation of UI testing with CasperJS, and PhantomJS...

Testing on Physical Devices Made Easy

In past articles, we've discussed testing mobile Web sites using browsers, and testing using emulators. Using this combination, along with a solid test plan, should bring you to a point where your mobile site is stable and appears to be working correctly on a number of devices. Ah, but wait; what do I mean by appears to be?...

Post Markup Directly to mobiReady.com

If you missed our newsletter yesterday you are probably not aware of a small announcement we made in it. We've pushed out a few updates to mobiReady.com, our mobile-readiness page testing tool. The most significant change is that you can now post markup directly to the service, instead of posting a URL for the service to visit and test...

Testing Mobile Web Sites Using Firefox

Before you ever begin testing your mobile site to determine how it looks on handsets, you should make sure the functionality of the site is working as you expect. This is not always straightforward, as you want to approximate the mobile environment as closely as possible. Fortunately, Mozilla Firefox supports some great extensions that can make testing your mobile sites a piece of cake. This article explains how to set Firefox up to act as a first pass test environment for your site...

Ready.mobi API update

We've just gone live with an new version of the ready.mobi API. (Full details and code samples here). So what's new in this version? The most notable feature in this version is the ability to post markup directly to the ready.mobi API without having to supply a publicly accessible URL to the service. This is the result of some early feedback on the API that during the development cycle pages often did not have a public URL, and so they could not be tested with ready.mobi...

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