Win free tickets for the Mobile Research Conference and Awards (London, April 18-19, 2011)

• UPDATE 15 March, 2011: this competition is now closed.

Two lucky mobiThinking readers can win free tickets for the Mobile Research Conference (MRC) and the MRC Awards which take place on April 18-19 in London. Just email us with the correct answer to these questions:

  1. Dr Liz Nelson is the chairperson of Fly Research as well as being an organizer of MRC, but in the past she was founder of: a) Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS); b) Globalpark; c) Lightspeed Research; or d) txteagle?
  2. How fast does Liz Nelson expect m-research to grow in the next five to seven years: a) 2 percent; b) 4 percent; c) 6 percent d) 8 percent; or e) 10 percent?
  3. The most limiting factor of mobile surveys is: a) calls to mobile phones cost a lot of money; b) the size of the screen; c) smartphones have a short battery life; d) too few people have cell phones; or e) too few people have Internet on their phones?
  4. Which of the following statements is false – mobile surveys should be: a) short; b) simple; c) used with B2C and B2B; d) opt-in only; or e) restricted to smartphone users?
  5. One of the advantages of m-research is that it allows companies to reach a new audience – the mobile only – according to On Device Research – what proportion of mobile Web users in the US don’t access the Web via PCs: a) 5 percent; b) 10 percent; c) 15 percent; d) 20 percent or e) 25 percent?

Just to make it even easier, we will tell you where to find the answers.
• The insider’s guide to mobile research (m-research)
• Using mobile Web-based research to deliver insights into the mobile-only generation
• Mobile Research Conference (MRC) schedule and agenda

To claim your free ticket, send your answers to The first two people who answer the questions correctly will win a pass for MRC.

One little catch… we’d like the winners to write us a short report on the conference, but it’s not obligatory.

MRC speakers include:
Dr Liz Nelson, Fly Research; Nathan Eagle, txtEagle; Gina Riley, BSkyB; Steven van Belleghem, InSites Consulting; Emanuel Maxl, Evolaris; Alistair Hill, OnDevice Research; Tiphaine Goisbeault, Médiamétrie; Adelle Heath, HELLO! Magazine; Alex Osbaldeston, Globalpark; Tim Macer, meaning ltd; Bruce Hoang, Orange; Guy Rolfe, Kantar; Nicole Bensky, Nielsen; Thaddeus Fulford-Jones, Locately; Hans van Linschoten, Narrowminds; AJ Johnson; Tacis P Gavoyannis, Radius EMEA; Sean Conry, Techneos; Karin Rothstock, Tomorrow Focus; Vincent Blaney, Millward Brown; Paul Berney, Mobile Marketing Association

Thanks to the organizers of the Mobile Research Conference (MRC) (London, April 18-19, 2011 in) for providing these free tickets.
If you miss out on winning the tickets, don’t despair, mobiThinking readers can claim a 20 percent discount for this event using the special code “FF-MOBITHINK”.

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