25 mobile market statistics that you should know in 2015

We have researched what we believe to be some of the most astounding and notable statistics relating to mobile marketing in 2015 so far. One of the most critical activities of any business is to keep up-to-date with emerging and growing technology. Mobile phone technology has huge potential for any business, and can allow them to reach out to new customers in a very effective way.

When it comes to mobile marketing, knowledge is power. We hope that the following statistics will help any businesses to extend their understanding of the importance of mobile technology, and the many new and dynamic ways smartphone owners rely on their phones for everyday activities.

The mobiForge team has carefully researched the most relevant and interesting statistics regarding mobile hardware and software, mobile networks, m-commerce, and user behaviour.

  • Mobile Hardware Statistics
  • This section categorises different device types such as smartphones, tablets, phablets and smart watches, and focuses on the latest trends of these popular devices. You can also find more information regarding the world’s most popular vendors.

  • M-Commerce & M-Banking
  • In this section, you will find statistics that highlight the power of mobile marketing for any business. You will also find some interesting trends relating to mobile marketing and mobile payments.

  • User Behaviour
  • One of the most interesting aspects of mobile technology is how it changes the way we go about our daily lives. Here, you will find some fascinating information on the behaviour of mobile device users.

  • Mobile Software
  • In this section we have assembled the latest trends regarding mobile phone software. These statistics relate to operating systems, app use, and mobile browsers.

  • Mobile Networks
  • In this section you will find some of the most interesting statistics regarding the advancement of mobile network technology, along with information regarding mobile subscriptions.

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