Mobile social networking – the statistics are compelling

Here are some fascinating facts and figures on mobile social networks. In summary:
• Mobile users spend more time (lots more) on social networking sites than PC users.
• In the US, Facebook and MySpace are top 10 mobile destinations (in terms of audience). AOL is also in the top 10, which includes Bebo.
• Facebook is the number one mobile destination in the UK (in terms of audience). When you consider time spent accessing the Web via a mobile in the UK, Flirtomatic and AOL/Bebo are also in the top 10.

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Here come the statistics…

You will note that the UK figures are more precise and more in-depth than the US statistics i.e. they give unique users, rather than target audience. The UK figures come through a ground-breaking initiative called Mobile Media Metrics, where the GSMA and ComScore take data on mobile phone usage direct from the UK operators. See this briefing from the GSMA/ComScore, January 2010 for more details.

Table 1: Mobile users are much more active on social networks than PC users.

Minutes spent on social networking per day accessed by mobile device or desktop
Social Network Mobile Internet PC Internet
Facebook 45.2 32.4
Bebo (AOL) 39.6 22
MySpace 8.2 7.5
Twitter 19.6 7.2
Source: GSMA/ComScore, January 2010
via: mobiThinking

Table 2: Facebook is the most popular mobile destination in the UK. It also eclipses Google (the number 2 mobile destination) when it comes to pages viewed and total minutes spent online.

Top 10 UK Mobile Internet Sites January
ComScore/GSMA Mobile Media Metrics, January 2010
Total Unique Visitors (million) Total Pages Viewed (million) Total Minutes (million)
Facebook 6.3 Facebook 4,049 Facebook 3,077
Google Google 1,367 Google 728
Vodafone 3.9 Orange 264 Microsoft 220
Orange 3.6 Apple 230 BBC 150
Telefonica/02 3.5 AOL including Bebo 197 Orange 147
Yahoo! 2.5 Vodafone 149 Apple 140
BBC 2.4 Microsoft 139 AOL including Bebo 127
Apple 2 BBC 137 Vodafone 100
Microsoft 2 eBay 128 Yahoo! 68
Nokia 1.4 Yahoo! 111 Flirtomatic 66
Source: ComScore/GSM, January 2010 via: mobiThinking

Table 3: Two, possibly three of the top 10 mobile destinations in the US are social networks – Facebook, MySpace and, maybe, AOL/Bebo.

Most popular mobile destinations in the US (in millions)
ComScore, January 2010
Brand Target Audience
Total Audience: 13+ yrs old 234
Google 42
Yahoo! 38
Facebook 29.3
MSN/Windows Live/Bing 20.6
AOL Media Network 18.8
The Weather Channel 14.4
MySpace 14
Operator portals 13.6
ESPN 10.4
CNN 10.2
Source: ComScore, January 2010 via: mobiThinking

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