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TADA – Alive and kicking, and DA 2.0 (preview)

The DeviceAtlas 2.0 Preview was released on Monday, and with it, access to our TA-DA test suite was opened up to the unwashed masses. A total of 5 new test have been added to the list, which is due grow further with the full 2.0 release due in the coming weeks...

DeviceAtlas 2.0 PREVIEW

Back in June we announced the launch of TA-DA, our own test suite for mobile devices. We followed up with a little tutorial. Despite the summer, the sun and everything else (ok, alright, there is not much sun in Ireland, but we DO go on vacation sometimes) we worked hard in the last couple of months and in fact we are ready to release yet another improvement to DeviceAtlas...

DeviceAtlas 1.3.1, better browser detection and more security

It is July, and you would expect most of the European countries to be on vacation somewhere sunny and hot, but we still took the time to prepare a new release for you. We have a couple of improvements that we wanted to get to you as quickly as possible...

RIP Openwave Mobile Browser

So as we all get spun up in the excitement and wonder over iPhone 2.0, and as Apple appears to continue its ascendancy in the mobile space, I feel compelled to share about a company that’s gone in the other direction. I don’t know if folks don’t care, or there really isn’t any impact as a result of it, but either way I feel inclined to spend some pixels on a recent development...

Device Testing is here, TA-DA!

We all know how important accurate device profiles are, and this is proven by the success DeviceAtlas has already had in less than 4 month. In the initial months we have focused on consolidating existing "database silos" and we are still doing that, but we want to do more now and introduce real-time browser testing with TA-DA...

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