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A selection of easy-to-use tools to build a responsive site

There are various techniques for building mobile websites. Previously we wrote this article which covers some of these techniques, and which gives an overview to help developers to decide which approach to adopt...

A review of Firefox OS, its features and benefits

Mozilla will unleash its new mobile platform [url=]Firefox OS[/url] shortly, with devices running the system going on sale in Venezuela, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, and Spain in June. There's been a lot of [url=]anticipation[/url] of the OS from the outset, as it could potentially change the way mobile is viewed in some markets...

Google I/O: Android Studio launched to build and test Android apps

This year’s I/O saw Google showcase a series of mobile-related initiatives focused on helping the Android community to grow and prosper. As Android continues to dominate the smartphone market, expectations are high for new Android [url=]activations[/url] in 2013. Google are forecasting that in 2013, 900 million Android devices will be activated. The Google Play app now sees more than 2.5 billion installs every month with 48 billion apps downloaded since the launch of the Android Market in late 2008...

Facebook Home, Google and Android: who wins and who loses?

After the [url=]Overview of Facebook Home and how to install it on Android[/url], it's time to have a look at Facebook Home from a business and developer perspective. From a strategic point of view, [b]Facebook Home[/b] certainly [b]has the potential[/b] to capture Android users, divert them away from Google’s services and draw them closer to the Facebook platform. So it is certainly a threat to Google in that it reduces Android’s flexibility, and therefore the strength of Google’s position...

Overview of Facebook Home and how to install on Android

Facebook Home made a big splash late last month, but early indications show that users are [url=]far from considering[/url] this a "revolution" despite smartphone users around the world [url=]spending 18% of their time[/url] on Facebook...

Usability on the mobile Web: best practices and guidelines for designers and developers

In this era of technology, we are continuously interacting with things so it is vital that these interactions form positive experiences for us. This is true not only for objects or products we can physically touch, but equally so for intangibles such as websites...

The most common mistakes in smartphone sites according to Google

Google are paying ever more attention to the mobile market and so, developers pay attention when the Big G is making recommendations. Google recently published a [url=]document[/url] on the main mistakes people make when working on mobile websites for smartphones. If you look through the list you can definitely recognize a cornerstone of Google's approach: [b]focus on the end user[/b]. Or put another way, "adopt the approach you want but be aware of your audience"...

Why HTML5 still presents some problems on mobile

One of the debates of 2013 centres on which approach you should adopt to deliver a great user experience, while keeping costs at an acceptable level. This question often gets parsed as [i]“HTML5 or native applications?”[/i] or [i]“HTML or mobile site builders”[/i] or even something else entirely. But with all the vaunted promise of HTML5, just what does that ‘5’ mean when it comes to real world deployments?...

Why Responsive Web Design is not always the best option for a mobile SEO strategy

There are a lot of misconceptions about what Google is saying about mobile SEO. First and foremost, Google doesn't mandate the use of Responsive Web Design (RWD) as best practice for SEO. Google [url=]expressly says[/url] [i]"Google does not favor any particular URL format as long as they are all accessible to both Googlebot and Googlebot-Mobile”[/i] the bots Google uses to crawl desktop and Smartphone specific content. And it’s worth noting here that Google is crawling desktop and mobile content separately...

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