Smaato Mobile Advertising Awards: 2010 Winners

Updated October 08, 2010 to include the 2010 winners and add videos where available.

Awards: Smaato Mobile Advertising Awards

Founded: 2008
Deadline for entries: September 3, 2010
Entry fee: free
2010 Winners announced: October 8, 2010
Prizes (2010):
• Mobile World Congress 2011: one free booth (shared)
• Grand Prize Winner meets top venture capital partners: Frank Böhnke, Wellington; Frédéric Veyssière, Innovacom; Jörg Sievert, SAP Ventures; Niall Davis, Aeris Capital; Tim Chang, Norwest Venture Partners; Tim Draper, Draper Fisher Jurvetson.
• Booth at M-Publishing, New York City, November 2010
• Booth at M-Days, Germany, January 2011
Entry categories (2010): Mobile Website; Mobile Campaign; Branded Games & Apps; Applications for Apple, Android, Windows, Samsung, Symbian, RIM
Advantages: (for winners) free entry, great prizes and newer award ceremonies often mean less competition. (For the rest of us) third parties can nominate entries (as all awards should be…) and there are descriptions of the winning entries that we can all learn from.
Disadvantages: the awards seem to be more about mobile applications than mobile advertising. mobiThinking would prefer to celebrate cross-platform applications, than those that work on one type of handset.
2010 Winners: Lufthansa Mobile App (CLANMO); Soundhound; Spotify; SPB Mobile Shell; Cnectd; Vampire Weekend by Medialets; Clikbrix.
2009 Winners: Flirtomatic, Waze, Aloqa, Yoose, SPB TV
Judges in 2010: Andrea Macario (Nokia); Andy Favell (mobiThinking); Bena Roberts (GoMoNews); Carlo Longino (WiP); David Murhpy (Mobile Marketing Magazine); Derek Kerton (KertonGroup); Frederic Lardinois (ReadWriteWeb); Giselle Tsirulnik (Mobile Marketer); Heike Scholz (Mobile Zeitgeist); James Cameron (Camerjam); Jim Cook (MobiAdNews); Kei Shimada (Infinita); Lubna Dajani (Mobile Monday, NYC; Mark Wächter (Mobile Monday, Germany & BVDW); Matthaus Krzykowski (Mobile coordinator, Venture Beat); Matthew Snyder (ADObjects); Peggy Anne Salz (MSearchGroove); Ragnar Kruse (Smaato); Rudy De Waele (dotOpen/mTrends); Tim Green (Mobile Entertainment); Tony Sklar (bnetTV)

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Smaato Mobile Advertising Award Winners 2010

Overall winner:Lufthansa Mobile App
Company: CLANMO GmbH
Read this: Profile of CLANMO
Lufthansa’s mobile portal offers the following services for customers on-the-go:
Arrival and departure information, mobile check-in including seat selection and a mobile boarding card, mobile reservations in 12 languages, flight plan, reservation overview and many other services as well as information making travelling with the German airline even more comfortable.
The increasing relevance of mobile services and rapid developments on the device market gave cause for a redesign of the entire portal, bringing with it the opportunity to take usability and the mobile end user experience to a whole new level. Since its redesign, Lufthansa’s mobile portal now offers the newest browser features in a smart and savvy style like no other mobile site. The mobile portal generated a plus of 50 percent within the first few months.
Excellent registration of the service capabilities for specific end devices, the intelligent information architecture and the virtuosity of available interface use, enable a very high quality of information. The transferral of this information on to a well designed user interface for mobile end devices creates a first-class service, which is confirmed through its maximum usability and the best mobile user experience.
mobiThinking comment: The Lufthansa app is a great example of a hybrid app, i.e. a Web app in native clothing. It’s the fine marriage of the airline’s desire to serve all its customers whatever type of handset they use through an excellent Web portal/app, while meeting the need of those iPhone users that aren’t happy unless they can actually download an app to their handset.

Apple iPhone/iPad category winner:SoundHound
Company: SoundHound Inc.

Description: Say it, hum it, tag it, or type it – SoundHound offers every gateway of music search and doesn’t stop there. It’s one of the richest music apps on the planet, with new features to be discovered each time you use it.
Boasting the world’s fastest music recognition, the world’s only sing & hum recognition, and voice-directed search, SoundHound lets users find music faster than ever before with beautiful results including cover art, videos, lyrics, previews, recommendations, tour dates, radio station launching and more, all with one tap access.

Runner up: LiftLoft by aka-aki.
Runner up: Sekai Camera by Tonchidot Corp.
Runner up: Stickybits by Stickybits Inc.

Google Android category winner: Spotify
Company: Spotify Ltd.

Description: Spotify opens up your Android phone to a world of music, wherever you are. With access to 8 million tracks and more on-the-go, Spotify for the Android is your ultimate jukebox.
Next to being able to stream all of your playlists over WiFi or 2.5/3G you can also access playlists without an internet connection with our Offline feature. Sharing any track with a friend, either on Spotify, or through Twitter and Facebook is done easily and tracks received in your inbox can be played instantly.

Runner up: Facetwitt by Tim Welch
Runner up:Rummble by Rummble Inc.
Runner up: Skyfire by Skyfire Labs Inc.

Symbian category winner: SPB Mobile Shell
Company: SPB Software

Description: SPB Mobile Shell is a unique user interface for Symbian touchscreen devices. With its multiple screens and customizable widgets, integrated weather forecasts and a 3D carousel with special effects it allows users to customize home pages for their needs and makes the manipulation with the device as interactive, easy and convenient as possible.
SPB Software aimed to offer great personalization and customization features for the user and to partner well with mobile phone manufacturers and operators.

Symbian Special Prize: Cnectd
Company: MCI Consultants (Pty) Ltd

Description: Cnectd is a real-time messaging application for mobile phones that allows users to exchange messages with contacts without the need to pay for SMS/text messages. Cnectd differs from traditional IM by creating an “always-on” experience which eliminates the need to login or out. Contacts can send you a Cnectd message with the assurance that the message will arrive on the recipient’s mobile device. The unique attribute of Cnectd is that it alerts users of new messages as they arrive.
Cnectd is still in a beta phase but has already gained acceptance into the market place. Cnectd was a Trending Topic Worldwide on Twitter, and became a viral sensation. Cnectd also achieved over 500,000 in less than one week on GetJar’s ADP platform, making it the second fastest downloaded application behind Facebook via GetJar.
With new updates of Cnectd being released constantly you can expect new and innovative features never seen before on mobile devices. Cnectd plans to introduce a mobile advertising strategy that goes way beyond the traditional banner advertising. We believe that the Cnectd platform will become a universal interactive channel for marketers to reach and engage with their target audience.

Runner up: Locago by Idevio

Branded apps/games category winner: Lufthansa Mobile App by CLANMO GmbH

Runner up: BMW iPad Magazine by Icon Mobile GmbH
Runner up: HUGO BOSS iPhone App by CLANMO GmbH

Mobile campaign category winner: Vampire Weekend
Company: Medialets
Description: This ad for Vampire Weekend’s new album Contra serves as the perfect example of mobile in-app rich media.
The ad marries the native capabilities of the iPhone to interactive mobile video with an e-commerce connection. The consumer was asked to directly engage with the ad by shaking their phone to edit the video (while the single “Cousins” played in the background) and then presented with the opportunity to learn more about the album and then make a purchase directly from iTunes.
This ad saw engagements rates of over 23 percent.

Runner up: The Beatles LOVE by Citadel Broadcasting
Runner up: True Blood by PHD Network

Other category winner: Clikbrix
Company: Clikbrix Corp.
Description: Clikbrix is the first, end-to-end marketing solution to strategically marry QR Code technology, mobility and on-demand content with the end goal of transforming the real estate marketing space. Simple, intuitive and cost effective, Clikbrix enables real estate professionals to create an instant mobile presence, and simultaneously drive connectivity. Users easily create their ‘professional profile’ mobile web page, to which they attach unlimited detailed ‘property listing’ pages.
Concurrently, our system automatically generates a corresponding, unique QR Code, which when scanned by smartphones, resolves to the user’s mobile web page and listings. The Clikbrix user experience is innovative and compelling. After spotting a Clikbrix QR Code on a ‘for sale’ sign, agency window or anywhere else—from bus shelters to business cards—house hunters use the QR Code reader on their smartphone to point, scan and instantly connect to agent information paired with robust details of the relative property including stunning photos, maps and street views.
They even get the inside story on the neighborhood, from the best schools to hot restaurants, shops and more—then tap the screen to share their find as well as connect directly to the property listing agent. All in the palm of the hand. Instantly!
mobiThinking comment: From time to time you come across a mobile concept/proposition that just makes sense. It’s so obvious and so useful for the target market (and their target market) that you wonder why no one has done it before. For this reason, Clikbrix is our best in show. It’s very clever.

Runner up: RadioTime by RadioTime Inc.
Runner up: Yedwik by MicroMedia s.r.o

Smaato Mobile Advertising Award Winners 2009

Winner: Flirtomatic
Award: Best Mobile Website
Prize: Free booth at M-Days, Munich, Germany, January 2010
Summary: Flirtomatic is a real-time, high-capacity, multimedia messaging platform that currently has more than 1 million registered users with more mobile than Web-specific users, making it Europe’s leading flirting service on the mobile and Web.
Flirtomatic has operations in UK, US, Germany and Australia. Targeted at young adults (75 percent of users are 18-30 years old), Flirtomatic operates a free and uninterrupted service across the Web and mobile, that enables users to flirt, meet new people and have fun online.
Users have the ability to discover members on the basis of their preferences, interests, location and other information stored in their multimedia user profile.

Winner: Aloqa
Award: Best Mobile Apps and Games; Winner Motorola Android Category
Summary: Once you download and start Aloqa, you need to just look at your phone and it shows you constantly refreshed, live information about people, places and events based on your location, profile, preferences and social relationships.
When you change locations, Aloqa refreshes itself automatically and notifies you of the relevant set of services, points of interest, events and friends close to your new location. Wherever you are, whenever you go.
Aloqa therefore allows users to discover friends and favorites around them without ever having to search, browse or type into their phone.
It also gives advertisers, coupons providers and anyone with location-relevant content the ability to reach their target audience with the relevant promotion in real time.
Publishers can also create their own channels on Aloqa to get distribution of their content across multiple platforms for free.

Winner: Yoose
Prize: Free booth at M-Days, Munich, Germany, January 2010
Summary: YOOSE is an affiliation platform for mobile location based couponing. YOOSE replaces paper coupons from brick & mortar retailers and delivers them directly to the mobile phone of the consumer through any mobile Website or application. YOOSE helps retailers to generate more revenue through successful local client acquisition and greater client retention.
With YOOSE mobile application developers (including mobile navigation and location based offerings) can monetize their applications through location relevant coupons for their end-users. The consumer benefits from greater savings and personalized offers, which she has always with her and without cluttering up her wallet. None of our mobile couponing competitors is extending the reach of their coupon offering to the consumers through affiliation partners.
YOOSE will be able to offer the advertisers global reach for local offers. The platform is live in Berlin/Germany. We seek now nationwide advertisers to extend the reach of the coupon offer. In parallel we create publishing partnerships with our affiliate partners to ensure broad reach of the coupon to the consumers. Once up and running in Germany, we will deploy YOOSE in some Asian markets to gain traction for further expansion in Europe and US.

Winner: Waze
Award: Best iPhone application
Summary: Waze is the first free crowd-sourced navigation software. A mobile navigation application that allows drivers to build and use live maps, real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation to improve their daily commute.
Waze also has a social element that gives drivers the ability to actively update one other on traffic, police traps, construction, speed cams and more – and because it’s 100percent user-generated, the more people who use Waze, the better (and more fun) it gets!
Waze launched in Israel in January 2009 and in 9 months reached 20percent smart phones users, 91percent map coverage and best real-time traffic with 180,000 active drivers.

Winner: SPB TV
Award: Best Windows Phone
Summary: Unlike most of other existing TV services, the use of SPB TV can almost replace a common TV service. It is designed to make watching TV on the mobile device as simple and comfortable as on TV. Once a user has a channel playing, he can bring up more player options by single-tapping on the screen: change the playback quality; set sound and screen brightness; and exit a channel. It’s also possible to use picture-in-picture mode.
User can always keep his finger on the pulse using the daily and weekly view of the scheduled upcoming broadcasts and setting the Outlook calendar reminders. It is also possible to switch your device to TV by using the TV-out function in order to watch a variety of channels from a mobile device on a big screen.
SPB TV is available on Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and Blackberry.

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