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The breadth and diversity of the mobile web

For a mass medium to really get traction and achieve critical mass it is important that creating content is as easy as consuming it—the growth of the medium tracks the availability of the content creation tools. In the early days of the web hackers used home-grown web servers to serve content and a copy of Vi to author it. It wasn't long before Apache and other web servers eased the job of serving the content but the creation of good web content remained the preserve of experts...

The Best and Worst of the Mobile Web

Our sister-site mobiThinking.com has just published an eBook on "The Best and Worst of the Mobile Web". In it there are examples of winners and sinners, those who do it right, and those not quite right, and why! So now might be a good time to fire up your mobile browser and let us know if you agree...

Your favorite mobile app – only two days to say ‘thank you!’

The 2nd Annual Open Web Awards are currently accepting nominations in a wide range of categories, including, of course, the Mobile Application category. Now would be a great time to reward those responsible creating your favorite mobile app. But be quick, nominations are only open for another 2 days (until Sunday 16th 11:59 pm PST)...

America’s largest mobile web site

We have a sister site over at mobiThinking, and they've just published a bunch of cool new case studies and interviews about businesses making their presence felt on the mobile web. Up this time is the Weather Channel, who, with weather.mobi, have between 7 and 9 million unique users per month, and claim to be the largest content site in the US for the mobile web...

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