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Why increasing device fragmentation is having a positive impact on mobile ad targeting

Cellphones, smartphones, phablets, tablets, e-readers, PCs, notebooks, games consoles, smartwatches, smartTVs, connected cars… there’s an ever-expanding array of Internet-enabled device types and vast numbers of them. IHS (February 2014) predicts there will be 6 billion new connected devices sold in 2014...

Offline Book – is it a mobile ad or a mobile utility? DDBs clever Web-based campaign wins Gold Mobile Lion at Cannes

When a mobile device goes offline, e.g. when a train enters a tunnel, instead of receiving an blank offline page, visitors to participating Websites were shown an extract from relevant books from publisher Math Paper Press. The campaign wanted to remind people that books didn’t go offline, like mobile devices. The technology uses a mobile Web app that mobile publishers could download and add to their site...

Which mobile ad networks should be included in the 2014 version of the Guide to mobile ad networks?

mobiThinking is working on the 2014 version of the popular Guide to mobile ad networks (in the last year the guide has received 100,000 pageviews). The new version will introduce new networks, update old profiles and delete those haven’t been updated recently...

The Oxymoron of Mobile Privacy

Introduction There could hardly be a more perfect privacy invasion machine than today's smartphone. It's with you at all times, it knows precisely where you are, it can see and hear you and it knows exactly what you are doing much of the time. If data is the pollution of the digital age then your smartphone is an overweight 1970's V8 gas guzzler with asbestos brake pads, a leaky freon-charged AC system, burning leaded fuel as it barrels down the highway: you are silently spewing out reams of potentially harmful data all day, every day...

Mobile ad spend is growing fast, but is only a pittance of total media budgets. Top dogs are Google, Facebook, Pandora, YP…

Worldwide mobile ad revenues will reach US$16.65 billion in 2013, according to estimates by eMarketer. That’s almost double last year’s total of $8.80 billion. Mobile’s share of digital media spend is growing rapidly – this year it is expected to account for 14.2 percent of digital revenues, up from 8.5 percent in 2012...

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