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4.7 inch phones drive the most web traffic, according to the new DeviceAtlas report

The team at DeviceAtlas has put together a new report that reveals the latest statistics on the mobile web browsing trends in Q3 2015. A large part of the report is focused on screen sizes and screen resolutions. We learned that the humble 4.7 inch screen size is today the most popular. The report also covers the most used MNOs, device diversity, screen resolutions, as well as mobile OS, smartphone and vendor popularity. Screen sizes driving the most traffic...

Mobile OS market share in Q2 2015

For the past few years Android and iOS have been the only contenders for the title of ‘world’s most used mobile OS.’ In this article we share the latest statistics on mobile OS market share for Q2 2015 to show which of these two OSes is the most popular, and where. We'll also look at whether there area any emerging challengers to the top two platforms...

Nokia at 150

Nokia hasn't always been a phone manufacturer. The company dabbled in paper products, footwear and tires before it became involved in the wireless industry. To celebrate their 150th birthday, the Finnish company, which began in 1865 as a rubber manufacturer, released a video detailing its long history...

A view from China – big is big

I recently spent a week in China talking about [url=http://deviceatlas.com]DeviceAtlas[/url] and [url=http://gomobi.info]goMobi[/url] to various resellers and government officials. On these kinds of business trips, it’s always interesting to see what kind of mobile devices are in use. My travels were confined to Beijing but is nonetheless worth noting observations from there...

US consumers will spend more time on mobile devices than PCs in 2014: three hours a day. When will marketers catch up?

In 2013, US consumers spent over 2 hours 19 minutes using mobile phones – that excludes making calls – matching PC consumption. In 2014 mobile usage will rise to 2 hours 51 minutes, while PC consumption contracts to 2 hours 12 minutes, according to forecasts by eMarketer (April 2014). So why are US advertisers expected to spend twice as much on PC advertising as mobile next year?...

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