Making it Mobile (MiM) Award (November 2012) – winners and finalists announced

Making it Mobile (MiM) Award

• Founded: 2011
• Organized by: Business Leaders Network (BLN) – United Kingdom.
• Deadline for entries: November 16, 2012 (closed).
• Winner announced: November 28, 2012 at the BLN Making it Mobile Forum, London, UK. (Finalists get a free pass for this event, others can save 20 percent on the entrance fee, with discount code “mobiThinking“).
• Entry fee: Free.
• mobiThinking verdict: This competition is free and easy to enter – just requiring the entrant to fill out their details and explain in 100 words why they should win. In 2012 there were only 47 entries and 15 finalists chosen which gives companies a good chance of winning. The finalists present their product or service during the Money it Mobile Forum (London, November 28, 2012) in front of the conference audience – packed with potential investors, partners and customers – making this an attractive format. However the entry rules are a little confusing. The rule that entrants should be privately-held companies that are making money from mobile doesn’t seem to have precluded not-yet-launched apps from making it onto the shortlist.
• Competition judges include: Unilever; IQ Capital Partners; Starbucks; Uber;; NHS Direct; mobiThinking; OgilvyAction; Future Publishing; Fidelity Growth Partners; Heroes of the Mobile Fringe;; The BLN; Telefonica; Accel Partners; Edelman; Twilio; CEO EMEA, Joule; Wired; MMC Ventures; UBS; Incisive Media.
• Previous winners with descriptions and videos: 2012 winners

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Money in Mobile (MiM) Award – winners and finalists

15 shortlisted companies pitched at Making it Mobile (November 28, 2012, London, UK) in front of the judges and conference audience to win the MiM Award.

1st Place: HAILO

Entry summary:
500,000 people are already using HAILO to enjoy simpler, cheaper and more social taxi rides in 6 cities, and 3 countries (and that’s in just 12 months). HAILO also offers Taxi Drivers social features like friending, chat, live events, stats and the ability to process credit card out of the box. All for free.

2nd Place (equal): Quidco

Entry summary: Quidco provides the only app to pay people to check into high-street stores. This intent-based advertising platform delivers highly personalised deals to shoppers as they walk into shops. Driven by insight drawn from their multi-channel shopping history, the app offers the ability for retailers to target different segments of consumers with deals by time of day/week and store location.With over 1 million check-ins to date, fuelled by incentivised social sharing, retailers on the platform have increased to over 80, spanning 25,000 check-in locations nationwide where the average user checks-in over 50 times a year.Many retailers now run multi-channel promotions with Quidco and see significant uplift using an on and offline combination.

2nd Place (equal): Order Mapper

Entry summary: We focus on the end user ordering experience by connecting them to any business. We have proven this model by sending orders to 30 percent of the pizzerias in the US!


Entry summary: By using pictures to login to a site, PixelPin makes a painful decision point in any customer engagement ‘Can I remember my password?’ into a natural and engaging experience. Use your own picture, select 4 points, then Picture Superiority Effect (PSE) puts your passpoints into long term memory. You can login from any device with the same picture. For the web provider, there are many anti fraud benefits including eliminating phishing and weak passwords. More importantly your customers are more likely to return to your site because they will not have to worry about remembering their passwords to login.

Blue Butterfly

Entry summary: Blue Butterfly have created an ingenious app TapToWifi that simplifies access to WiFi by cutting out passwords and annoying registration processes. Using our app, customers connect to WiFi in public places (cafés, hotels, airports, retailers, etc.) by tapping their phone to one of our NFC signs or by scanning a QR code. Businesses enhance customer engagement by offering hassle-free WiFi while boosting their social media profile. Once connected, customers are directed to a landing page where they can be prompted to check-in on Foursquare, like the business’ Facebook page or even leave a review.


Entry summary: We allow customers in a space to escape standing queuing by joining a virtual queue on their mobile phone, using SMS. Customers then receive a weblink where they can engage with relevant entertaining content or marketing material from the business they are queuing for, or they may even access a coupon to redeem at a local cafe while they wait. This new mobile-phone interaction increases a customer’s engagement and enjoyment in the space, whilst allowing the business to communicate with each customer on a personal level for mutual benefit.


Entry summary: Flockler enables brands and publishers to create, customize and publish Flipboard-like magazines combining their own editorial (e.g. blog posts) and social content such as tweets, videos and images. Magazines published are optimized for iPad and other tablets, mobile and desktop (HTML5). We drive sales and increase user engagement for clients like Trinity Mirror, Econsultancy, iZettle, and many more. Flockler magazines are not only serving client’s existing customer base on any available device, but will more importantly be finding new customers everywhere and anywhere driving the growth of customer base, reach and engagement and most importantly creating new revenue channels.


Entry summary: Using open public data and social media, our apps are a Home Office ‘trailblazer’ for technology in policing. Community engagement apps for public, police and policing partners tackle anti-social behaviour, solve crimes and build local confidence. Over 600 officers in Surrey and Tayside give quick updates, without wasting time, resulting in social visibility and increased confidence in policing. Public download our app to see police activity on map, local police priorities, find out who local team are. Compare crime with police activity and hold the police to account by sharing.This kind of engagement costs much less than traditional communications.

Mubaloo/Met Office

Entry summary: The aim of the Met Office’s weather app was to engage customers by presenting them with up-to-date weather information while on-the-go. The app was downloaded over 1m times in its first 2 weeks and during February’s cold weather, was accessed 6.5m times in one weekend. This highlights customer engagement by showing the demand for detailed weather information on-the-go. The app accounted for 40 percent of the Met Office’s overall web traffic in February, highlighting the importance of providing information to the general public through mobile devices. App downloads to date are 2.6m for iPhone & 600,000 for Android.


Entry summary: Parcelgenie provides a highly engaging way for customers to gift and purchase products via the quickest transactional process in the market. To send a real gift, all that is needed is the recipient’s mobile number; no delivery address is required. It is possible to send a product from a mobile, on the web or in-store in seconds, with instant alerts for recipients. People can act spontaneously to purchase and Parcelgenie’s technology enables retailers to exploit ‘the zero moment of truth’. High conversion and purchase repeat rates underline the efficacy of the process (over 99 percent of gifts are accepted quickly).


Entry summary: Never miss a key customer or prospect at a crowded conference or tradeshow ever again. Discover the events your customers and peers are attending, then check out rich professional profiles on the people you need to know before you make that all-important face-to-face contact.Shhmooze is your secret weapon at conferences. That’s because Shhmooze works even if you’re the only person at the event using it! Our smart social analysis tool detects who’s around you, and then highlights your existing connections. Find new customers via name, skillset or company search. Smart, focussed face-to-face engagement at every opportunity.


Entry summary: Proxama improves customer engagement via our NFC-enabled, innovative mobile-based solutions. Our marketing enterprise suite TapPoint™ provides brands, advertisers, MNOs, handset manufacturers, retailers and media owners with a platform to create, manage and analyse NFC mobile marketing campaigns. NFC mobile campaigns provide an innovative, creative and customer-tailored way to reach customers and improve engagement. TapPoint™ measures interactions and provides companies with insight into behaviour, along with measurement of response and conversion. Mobile NFC campaigns delivered via Proxama’s TapPoint™ platform, improve customer engagement by enabling the deployment of targeted voucher and loyalty campaigns which are easy for consumers to interact with.


Entry summary: Who we are: YPlan is tonight’s going out app. Get inspired, pay in 2 taps and go. By analogy of what “job” we do: YPlan is for entertainment what Hotel Tonight is for hotels, and what Hailo / GetTaxi are for cabs. Problem / solution: Last minute unplanned going out is currently a near-impossible task, meanwhile the $5bn UK ticketed entertainment industry sees seat utilization rates of only <50 percent. YPlan solves both sides. Team: YPlan is led by industry’s top investors and managers, and is launching in London in late November 2012.

Six3 Video

Entry summary: Six3 is a video messaging platform – we help people connect using beautiful short (max 63s) video messages shared either privately or publicly. The team includes ex BBC iPlayer, Ogilvy and Nokia talent, we’re backed by Telefonica and a group of angels.


Entry summary: In today’s connected world, we expect instant, convenient communication. Why should healthcare professionals expect any less? Doctors everywhere are profoundly frustrated by their inability to access critical medical imaging data in real-time. Here at DICOM Grid we engage doctors through the use of our mobile application. What better way to engage a customer than to give them the tools to help make decisions that saves lives? The ability to share, browse, exchange and act upon medical imaging – whenever and wherever needed – is fundamental to patient care. DICOM Grid’s mobile application breaks through the barriers that prevent real-time access to data.

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