Winners of the World Summit Mobile Awards (WSA) 2013 with case studies and 30 videos

The reason the World Summit Awards (WSA) stands out from other mobile awards is its mandate. The WSA awards – and the mobile awards, introduced 2010 – are founded on the principles of the Geneva World Summit on the Information Society 2003, where UN nations committed to making IT more people-centered and inclusive, giving all people everywhere access to information and knowledge and to strive to use IT to fight poverty, hunger and improve health and education. The award categories, which include m-inclusion, m-government, m-health and m-learning, should ensure that the winners are using mobile to change people’s lives for the better – a welcome respite from the disposable novelty apps celebrated by many mobile awards.
Entrants are nominated by an expert in each country, which ensures there is a good spread of the best in mobile from across the globe. This is an attractive system in many ways, and helps to ensure that entries should be less dominated by publicity-hungry agencies or download-starved apps, but it does place a lot of confidence in the ability of the designated country representative. Some countries will be wondering why their mobile sectors are underrepresented.
In October, 40 winners were chosen; then, in February, from these, eight global mobile champions were chosen, one in each category.

Awards: World Summit Award (WSA) for Mobile Content
Founded: 2010.
Deadline for entries: August 31, 2012, entries have to be nominated by the expert in your country.
Winners announced: The finalists (called “winners”) announced in October, 2012. Winners (called “global mobile champions”) announced February 3-5, 2013, in Abu Dhabi.
Advantages: well-organized mobile awards: great categories; high quality of winners; good spread of entrants from across the globe (102 counties). For each winner there is a description and, for many, videos, giving us all the chance to learn from the entries.
Disadvantages: In 2012/3 the finalists are dominated by mobile applications which only work on one or two types of smartphones. As these would only work on a small minority of handsets in most entrants’ countries, it is hard to see how these fit the WSA’s mandate to make the information society more inclusive. In the previous WSA awards, in 2010, many of the winning entries used SMS, which works on all handsets.
Previous winners with videos and case studies: 2010 winners.

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World Summit Award (WSA) for Mobile Content

Categories and winners: at a glance

• m-Inclusion & Empowerment: Hand Talk (Brazil); Runners up: AlzNav (Portugal); Wheelmap (Germany); Blanco & Negro (Ecuador); MagicReader (Japan).
• m-Government & Participation: Roadroid (Sweden); Runners up: i-Police (Nigeria); MyFunCity (Brazil); NLB Gen-C (Singapore); Towngas (China).
• m-Environment & Health: Prognosis: Your Diagnosis (Sri Lanka); Runners up: Hormone check (Norway); Social Diabetes (Spain); Positive Technology (Italy); Life With Cancer (Denmark).
• m-Learning & Education: Project Noah (Canada); Runners up: Back in Time (Portugal); KnowledgePulse (Austria); The Math Mage (Jordan); WildChords (Finland).
• m-Business & Commerce: iButterfly (China); Runners up: Hostelworld (Ireland); Streetspotr (Germany); MobiCash (Bahrain); Keapo (Paraguay).
• m-Media & News: News 360 (United States); Runners up: Bambuser (Sweden); TrafficMate (Sri Lanka); Maestro Digital Publishing Suite (China); Scoopshot (Finland).
• m-Tourism & Culture: Harpoen (Indonesia); Runners up: deriveapp 2.0 (Uganda); map2app (Italy); Tripwolf (Austria); TaxiPal (Estonia).
• m-Entertainment & Lifestyle: DerManDar Panorama (Lebanon); Runners up: Star Walk (Russian Federation); QTOM TV (Germany); Shadow Cities (Finland); Oz Book (Lithuania).

m-Inclusion & Empowerment

Global mobile champion: Hand Talk (Brazil)
Producer: Hand Talk
Summary: Hand Talk is an application for deaf people that translates speeches and conversations, captured through the phone´s microphone, into the deaf sign language, primarily LIBRAS (Lingua Brasileira de Sinais, i.e. Brazilian Sign Language). It is also possible to capture texts via the phone´s camera, which the application then will interpret and convert into signs presented by a 3D avatar that appears at the phone´s screen. A database will be constantly updated with expressions/signs throughout the life of the project, and the second version of the application will also allow the user to choose among various avatars to be her translator. Hand Talk is the best example of social inclusion via mobile phones that we have seen this far in Brazil. Finally there is an application that allows auditory disabled people to participate in a more direct form in the daily life, that being in a conversation, a speech or in a classroom situation. That being said, when deaf people interact with one another, they use skills that allow them to get their message across much faster and accurately than those who can hear, so maybe this application can be very useful even for people that are not deaf.

Runners up:
AlzNav (Portugal)
Producer: Fraunhofer
Summary: The target audience of AlzNav is senior citizens and persons in the initial/pre-stages of dementia. The application aims to improve their autonomy by increasing their sense of safety when going outdoors and, at the same time, easing their caregivers concerns by reassuring them that they will be alerted if the user gets lost and/or needs help. AlzNav distinguishes itself from other solutions by providing a simplified user interface, designed specifically for its target users needs and limitations, and by empowering users to help themselves when needed. If they feel able, AlzNav can navigate them back home; help them call a cab to take them; or simply help them place calls to family members and friends. • Watch video (in Portuguese with English subtitles).

Wheelmap (Germany)
Producer: Sozialhelden
Summary: Wheelmap is an online map and apps for wheelchair accessible places. Like Wikipedia, everyone can participate by tagging public places according to their accessibility. This way, a modern and global solution for wheelchair users or other people with limited mobility is being created. The OpenStreetMap-based map helps mobility impaired people to plan their day more efficiently. Additionally, the high awareness which is raised by Wheelmap can encourage owners of public places to improve their location’s accessibility. This goes hand in hand with the UN charter of human rights, which says that everyone, disabled or not, must be able to participate in all aspects of life. Wheelmap and its volunteers help to reach the high goal of a more inclusive society by creating awareness and solutions. • Watch video (in German).

Blanco & Negro (Ecuador)
Producer: Mr. Byron Llerena Z.
Summary: Blanco y Negro is an app developed for smartphones running android OS , a program to visually impaired people that will exploit the ability of other senses, turning a Smartphone into a powerful tool for the user. The application’s main goal is to supplant the main functions of a cell phone – phone calling, text messaging, information managing, navigation through the smartphone, color recognition. These functions display a big number of other functions that have not been properly covered yet by any other software. “Blanco y Negro” is the first step to take in order to include visually impaired people in the use of SmartPhones. • Watch video

MagicReader (Japan)
Producer: GimmiQ
Summary: MagicReader will give you a magical experience of reading and viewing e-books using the iPad. You don’t need to touch the hardware to change pages. All you have to do is to move your face! It uses the front-camera of the device to detect the movement of the person reading the book. With this new technology, even a disable or injured person is still able to read a book without being dependent on someone else. • Watch video

m-Government & Participation

Global mobile champion: Roadroid (Sweden)
Producer: Roadroid
Summary: Keeping track of the quality of an extensive road network is a great challenge. Especially during escalating climate changes, heavy rain, frost and extreme heat can all create dangerous roads. Roadroid is developed for continuous monitoring or road quality using modern smartphones to collect data – and Internet maps and tools to plan and prioritize actions – and to follow up on the results of these! The maps also provide an objective dialogue with both road users and contractors. Roadroid has been promisingly tested in development countries as Cambodia creating new opportunities for getting an overview in poor developed infrastructures.
• Watch video (Swedish with English subtitles).

Runners up:
i-Police (Nigeria)
Producer: Complustech
Summary: i-Police is a community policing platform designed to engage more Nigerians in an active participatory manner, to make Nigeria a safer nation. The mobile site/app of i-Police provides citizens with an efficient approach to partnering with the security agencies, by reporting crimes and also providing valuable information via their mobile phones to security forces. It also encourages community oriented policing efforts by keeping citizens well informed of crimes and security issues around where they live or work thereby reducing crime in our community.

MyFunCity – Sustainable Cities (Brazil)
Producer: MyFunCity
Summary: My Fun City is a social network focused on citizenship following a worldwide trend of segmented social networks. It embodies a software for public management fed by the real needs and priorities of citizens. My Fun City has been built as a multiplatform and multichannel that integrates mobile phones, smartphones and the Web. With the app, 13 areas of evaluations are being covered: transportation, education, health, leisure, safety, cleanliness (of streets), traffic, roads, green, visual pollution, noise, mood. • Watch video

Transforming Access and Discovery of Digital Library Resources for the Gen-C (Connected Generation) (Singapore)
Producer: National Library Board (NLB)
Summary: Singaporeans are increasingly turning to the Internet for their social, information and learning needs. The National Library Board (NLB) sees the emergence of the “Connected Generation” as a new opportunity for the library to engage its users in the digital space. Instead of insisting on people coming to the libraries, NLB innovates its services and continues to stay relevant to Singaporeans by becoming part of their lifestyles.

Towngas (China)
Producer: The Hong Kong and China Gas Company
Summary: Towngas iPhone App shows how to use gas in a more efficient and ecological way. It promotes flame cooking and low carbon life to young generations in interesting ways. Customers enjoy one-stop services through the interactive platform where users can access eServices to report meter readings and receive meter reading reminders. They can also browse over 1,000 recipes and step by step cooking videos, and join the Company’s Low Carbon Action! campaign to get green tips and lead a low carbon life.
• Watch video

m-Environment & Health

Global mobile champion Prognosis: Your Diagnosis (Sri Lanka)
Producer: Medical Joyworks
Summary: Prognosis: Your Diagnosis is a smartphone app for doctors, medical students and other healthcare professionals. It is a “medical game” that is aimed to make the process of learning medicine fun. It supports users to create a virtual doctor-patient environment to practice processes to treat real life patients via an interactive cartoon style narrative. • Watch video

Runners up:
Hormone check (Norway)
Producer: The Consumer Council of Norway
Summary: Hormone check helps consumers to avoid endocrine disrupters in cosmetics and personal care products. By scanning the barcode on the product with the phone, the consumer is instantly told whether or not the product contains EDCs. The focus is the 17 chemicals that are found on the EU list of EDCs and are allowed in cosmetics. Consumers are also encouraged to report products back to the database. If consumers scan a product and it’s not in the database, they can send information on the product by using a formula on the phone, taking a photo of the ingredient list, documenting the EDCs in the product. Consumers may also share information on EDC products via social media channels. • Watch video

Social Diabetes (Spain)
Producer: The Project
Summary: SocialDiabetes is a mobile platform application that controls diabetes mellitus type 1. It has been developed by a team of doctors, engineers, humanists and scientists. The system improves quality of life by using a simple self-managed system that provides autonomy, risk control and flexibility in food intake.Long description of the product. Factors, like food intake and exercise, are logged into the system which in turn recommends the insulin dose based on these parameters. This method lets the user gain flexibility over their diet and security in their treatment, as the system takes the treatment pattern determined by the doctor and recalculates the recommended dose after considering the parameters in context, together with changes in the patient’s vital signs. • Watch video (in Spanish).

Positive Technology (Italy)
Producer: Istituto Auxologico Italiano
Summary: Positive Technology App (PTA) is the a mobile application (for Ipad 2) that integrates a 3D Virtual Reality environment with a mobile biofeedback technology to help users in managing and coping with daily psychological stress. Specifically, PTA exploits the incredible progress in the field of wearable low-cost biosensors to allow an effective psychological intervention in daily situations. Within an engaging Virtual Reality Island, the user has the chance to learn and practice effective relaxation techniques. More, it is also possible to use a mobile Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Training aimed to help individuals in managing and control the physiological changes induced by stress: variations in the Heart Rate Variability indexes controls the features of the virtual environment, like the increase or the decrease of the size of a virtual campfire and of a virtual waterfall. • Watch video

Life With Cancer (Denmark)
Producer: Danish Cancer Society
Summary: Life with Cancer is an app for cancer patients, caregivers, relatives and friends. This app offers help on the spot, when ever patients and relatives need more information about cancer, its treatment, how to tackle cancer patients, what to ask the doctor, where to get help or treatment. It contains a ‘Logbook/diary’ – where patients can fill in a logbook of their illness and share the logs with those the patients would like to keep updated. Additional images, audio and video can be added to the logbook. ‘Wish List’ – the patient can create to-do lists and share them with others. ‘It happens’ – see what events are on the nearest cancer counselling and save it on your calendar. ‘Addresses’ – addresses and opening hours of the Cancer Treat offers support and advice throughout Denmark. • Watch video

m-Learning & Education

Global mobile champion: Project Noah (Canada)
Producer: Project Noah
Summary: Project Noah is a digital butterfly net for the 21st century. The platform has become a powerful tool for learning about nature and a leading technology solution for crowdsourcing ecological data collection. Users can share their nature encounters, get help with identifying species, and contribute valuable ecological data to ongoing research projects from around the world. • Watch video

Runners up:
Back in Time (Portugal)
Producer: Landka
Summary: Back in Time is an educational book app for iPad. It is a multimedia interactive journey through the defining events in the history of our civilization, life and the universe. The application covers a wide range of events in very different timescales: the shaping of our universe, billions of years ago… humankind first steps, several millions of years ago… and the major events in the history of our Ccivilization, thousands of years ago. An interactive 24-hour clock is used to help contextualize the events. • Watch video

KnowledgePulse (Austria)
Producer: Research Studio Austria Forschungsgesellschaft
Summary: KnowledgePulse (KP) is a push e-learning solution, similar to push e-mail on your BlackBerry. It allows users to integrate learning into their daily routines. The client-server system supports knowledge acquisition by a smart system of repetition; using intelligent learning cards that are well suited for mobile learning and that are presented to learners in a personalized manner. KP creates value for companies and public administrations by securing their training investments and for individuals by supporting their knowledge build up even when they have little time to learn. The main focus and USP of the solution is to make learning easy, content authoring easy and administration easy! While the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi uses KP to support its Excellence Program, in Bahrain KP is used in three ministries. Corporate customers include the Austrian Railway Corp., the supermarket chain MPREIS but also training outfits such as Netdoctor (Continuous Medical Edu) or BEI Training.

The Math Mage (Jordan)
Producer: RGH Games
Summary: The Math Mage is a unique fantasy game that blends education with all-out action, pushing players to battle their way past enemies in a bid to prove the might of their magical powers and keep the world safe. Beautifully designed, this game allows players to unlock powerful spells, cast evil into oblivion one equation at a time, and go from Alchemist apprentice to ultimate Math Mage along the way! With an addictive & entertaining math-based battling system and a fantasy driven storyline that’s as immersive as it is in-depth, The Math Mage is a complete mobile experience in every sense. • Watch video

WildChords (Finland)
Producer: Ovelin
Summary: WildChords is a game that makes learning to play the guitar fun, motivating and addictive. It is played with a REAL guitar (acoustic or electric), and on the iPad (the next version runs on any computer, smart-phone and tablet computer). The microphone of the device records the played notes and chords, and the high-tech polyphonic signal processing technology evaluates the played notes and gives real time feedback to the user. The story of the game revolves around a zoo breakout, and animals have to be hypnotized with guitar music (Modern pied piper of Hamlin). • Watch video

m-Business & Commerce

Global mobile champion: iButterfly (China)
Producer: Cherrypicks and Media Palette
Summary: iButterfly is a creative mobile coupon entertainment platform co-developed by Cherrypicks and Media Palette Hong Kong. It is a gamified location-based coupon and content entertainment app platform. Users acquire coupon or content by physically hunting and catching 3D flying butterflies. Making use of 3D engine, Augmented Reality (AR), location enablement and motion-sensing technologies, iButterfly combines the joy of social gaming and coupon download services together to introduce the brand new user experience. • Watch video

Runners up:
Hostelworld (Ireland)
Summary: The app/mobile site is a quick and secure way to book a place to stay while on the go. Search 27,000 properties in over 6,000 destinations worldwide. Read over 3.5 million user reviews, view rich property information including photos and descriptions helping you decide where to stay. • Watch video

Streetspotr (Germany)
Producer: Streetspotr
Summary: Streetspotr is the first European mobile workforce operating on iPhones and Android Smartphones. No matter whether you need a picture, a video, location-based survey, price check or GPS-based data, you get little jobs done – anytime and anywhere. Tons of Smartphones running around every day are always ready to perform your special task exactly where you need it to be done. You can get a building´s picture at short notice, see if your product is placed correctly in the local store – or even check if your holiday apartment looks as nice as promised online! It´s all only one click away. • Watch video

MobiCash (Bahrain)
Producer: Ithmaar Bank
Summary: Ithmaar Bank launches a product that will allow customers to withdraw cash from the Bank’s Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) without having to use a bankcard. Ithmaar’s cardless cash withdrawal solution, a first of its kind in Bahrain, will allow customers to permanently change the way people in Bahrain access to cash: Customers will be able to conveniently, and securely, through allowing third parties to withdraw cash from Ithmaar ATMs.

Keapo (Paraguay)
Producer: Keapo
Summary: Keapo is an app that will help people live, easy to use, free, and could change the way of selling personal belongings. There are endless selling-services, many of which are very complex. With Keapo you only send a text message – no commission charged. Like this, the tool reaches out to relatives and friends, to enable an easy selling process – no matter where you are. • Watch video

m-Media & News

Global mobile champion: News 360 (United States)
Producer: News360
Summary: News360 is a news reading platform that collects news articles and blog posts around the Web, and, by learning about your interests, brings you content that you will find interesting and relevant. The apps allow users to get a tailored stream of news content that is focused on their specific interests, and allows them to see each story from all angles in a beautiful interface. • Watch video

Runners up:
Bambuser (Sweden)
Producer: Bambuser
Summary: Bambuser is a live stream broadcasting service that shows live streamed video to a large audience. It has been running for some years but has made its breakthrough now, especially with the live broadcasting from for example Syria. It is a stable and secure service – easy to use, free for non commercial purposes and distributes the possibility to send high quality broadcasting to everyone. Bambuser is being used by commercial actors like for instance CNN and UP. • Watch video

TrafficMate (Sri Lanka)
Producer: University of Colombo School of Computing
Summary: TrafficMate is a traffic congestion detection and information system which is unique, cost effective and global. TrafficMate is a community run application that does not rely on a network of road traffic detection sensors, only using smartphone accelerometers and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The application detects and shares traffic congestion automatically unlike other systems that require active participation of users. Using the accelerometer sensor, TrafficMate application monitors the movements of the mobile device. By further analyzing the motion of the device, it can detect traffic congestion. • Watch video

Maestro Digital Publishing Suite (China)
Producer: Pulse Mediatech
Summary: Maestro Digital Publishing Suite (Maestro DPS) is a powerful digital publishing system for interactive magazines, ebooks, comics, business catalogs, and educational publications. It is a system for creating interactive content that rivals Adobe DPS or Apple’s iBook Author. It supports multiple platforms such as iOS (both iPhones and iPad), Android and PC with a single creation on both mobile phones and tablet devices. Maestro DPS is a complete solution for individual designers, traditional media publishers, ad agencies, major media and brand organizations to create, distribute, monetize, and optimize robust interactive publications. • Watch video

Scoopshot (Finland)
Producer: P2S Media Group
Summary: Scoopshot changes the way media companies work with photos and videos. It makes smartphone owners photographers for media companies. Users can take newsworthy photos or videos and send them to the service through the Scoopshot mobile app and sell them at a set price. Journalists writing stories can purchase the content at the price the photographer has set. If they wish to purchase exclusive rights to use the photo, they pay ten times the set price. Conversely, editors can send location based tasks to the mobile users via the interface at a price determined by the media. This way media can incentivize and activate the scoopshooters to get content from a desired event. • Watch video

m-Tourism & Culture

Global mobile champion: Harpoen (Indonesia)
Producer: Harpoen
Summary: Harpoen is a free digital graffiti application that makes shared spaces social. Leave a mark and begin a discussion with the future. Discover a mark, and places tell a story of who was there and what happened before you. Like physical graffiti, the messages are only visible to others nearby. Be yourself, assume an alias, or remain anonymous. You are in control. Evaporate your messages after a certain period of time, or leave a mark forever. • Watch video

Runners up:
map2app (Italy)
Producer: GreenBit SNC di Pietro Ferraris
Summary: map2app is a browser-based platform designed to make creating mobile travel guides quick and easy and to distribute them on multiple devices (native apps for iPhone, iPad, android, j2me). The idea is pretty simple: People can create points of interests through the Web platform or through our mobile app PlaceGrabber. Through the Web platform they can group them in categories, customize the look and feel of their app and create professional travel guides to be distributed through the stores. • Watch video

Tripwolf – your travel guide (Austria)
Producer: Tripwolf
Summary: Tripwolf is a personal online travel guide which is also available as an app for iPhone and Android. Tripwolf combines traditional travel information from travel guides with up-to-the-minute, high-quality travel tips from thousands of travelers from around the world. With over 3 Million guide downloads and 2 million app downloads, the Tripwolf mobile app is among the most successful travel guides on the market. At the moment, more than 700 guides to the most beautiful destinations in the world are available as in-app downloads, and new guides are continuously being added. • Watch video (in German).

TaxiPal (Estonia)
Producer: TaxiPal
Summary: TaxiPal connects you with trusted taxi companies anywhere in the world, providing you information on local taxi companies, their tariffs and user ratings. You can also submit an order without having to make a phone call – with a few simple taps on the phone screen your taxi will be on its way to pick you up. Furthermore, with TaxiPal’s direct ordering feature you could have silently preordered the taxi already during your meeting or conference, so that your taxi would be waiting for you the moment you step out. • Watch video

m-Entertainment & Lifestyle

Global mobile champion: DerManDar Panorama (Lebanon)
Producer: Dermandar
Summary: Dermandar has created a novel way for taking panoramic images. The User Interface is simple and elegant, it is composed of two complementary shapes that join each others when the user rotates the device accordingly. The result is extremely fast. It is the product of a unique combination of high-level mathematics and low-level optimizations. Using the mobile devices sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, compass), the application automatically takes the consecutive images.

Runners up:
Star Walk (Russian Federation)
Producer: Vito Technology
Summary: Star Walk is a stellar augmented reality app that labels all the stars, constellations, and satellites you point your iPad at. You can track the ISS, find out what constellation you’ve been looking at from your bedroom window and get a lot of exciting and educative information. Combine that with the amazing Apple Design Award winning graphics and highest quality content, you get the magic so highly praised by customers. • Watch video

QTOM TV (Germany)
Producer: Tobias Fröhlich and Oliver Koch
Summary: QTom, the first customizable musictelevision, allows viewers to personally choose the music with the quick turn of a dial and adapt the music-program to his personal preferences and taste. According to his favorite music or prevailing mood the viewer chooses from different music-channels. To further refine the music the viewer can use three dials to fit his preferences – oldies or contemporary, big hits or underground, fast songs or slow ones. An experienced editorial staff will ensure a fitting mixture along with the newest clips. Further more, the viewer can create own playlists and share them with friends and loved ones.

Shadow Cities (Finland)
Producer: Grey Area
Summary: Shadow Cities is an innovative location-based multiplayer mobile game. It is an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) and it works by using your location and turning it into a battleground in your game.
The idea is to conquer first your closest surroundings and after that only the sky is the limit.
Shadow Cities is something completely new in the field of mobile gaming since it combines location tracking and multiplayer, into an addictive game where the whole world is your playground. • Watch video

Oz Book (Lithuania)
Producer: Eglė Urbonavičiūtė, Justas Kregždė
Summary: “OzBook” is an interactive book for children and all family. There are 60 moving illustrations featuring beautiful scenes, music, sounds and animation. The story adaptation enables children to feel the spirit of L. Frank Baum original novel. The adventurous journey brings you to the Emerald City together with the funny characters. You have to light the candles in the dark and find the snugging Wizard, help the Scarecrow to whisk angry crows, see the Emerald City with green glasses… • Watch video

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