The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2011: the award-winning mobile campaigns with case studies and videos

Awards: Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
• Founded: 1954.
• Deadline for entries: 20 April 2012.
• Entry fee (for Mobile Lions): €399 (US $528.65) for international entries €478.80 (US $634.37) for UK entries
• Winners announced: 19 June 2012.
Prize: (much coveted) Lion trophy.
mobiThinking verdict: A Lion trophy brings a lot of kudos for the winners; and great publicity for all entrants – every entry has a dedicated page, with a description of each campaign. These detailed summaries (often with videos) are an inspiring and educational read for observers. This would be a great showcase of mobile campaigns if only there were a mobile category. In 2010 and 2011, mobiThinking went some length to pick out all the winning mobile campaigns from the various categories, so you don’t have to. The main disadvantage for entrants is the level of competition – there were 28,800 entries in 2011.
The big news (announced November 2011) is that there will be a mobile category at Cannes in 2012. Let’s hope that the introduction of a mobile category will inspire agencies to come up with innovative campaigns that are not just capable of winning awards for creativity, but are also first and foremost designed to deliver long-term return on investment for the clients. The best thing about mobile is the value add – interactivity, longevity, measurability etc – it brings to traditional media, by adding shortcodes, QR codes, mobile Web, WIFI, Bluetooth, Augmented Reality to bill boards, print, TV, packaging. It would be a shame if a mobile category led to agencies viewing mobile in isolation, rather than the key to bringing all other media to life. Hopefully we won’t see a rash of standalone mobile campaigns e.g. flashy novelty mobile apps that look great, but are totally disconnected from the client’s broader media strategy.
Categories in 2012: Creative use of technology; Mobile Websites and Web apps; Mobile apps; Tablet apps; Games; Rich media mobile advertising; Messaging campaigns; Integrated campaigns led by mobile.
2011 mobile winners include (brand/agency): Homeplus (Cheil Worldwide), Mini (Jung Von Matt), Heineken (AKQA), Viv Magazine (Alexx Henry), Starhub (DDB), Reporters Without Borders (Publicis), Commbank (IKON), Converse (R/GA), Nike (AKQA), Airwalk (Y&R), Audi (Neue Digitale/Razorfish), UNICEF (Serviceplan), Domino’s Pizza (Hakuhodo), Westpac (Colenso BBDO)…
Check out all 2011 mobile winners, with video case studies below
2010 Winners include (brand/agency): IKEA (Mobile Dreams Factory); Samsung (From Stockholm With Love); Zoo Records (Leo Burnett); IBM (Ogilvy); Autotrader (Sapientnitro); Kodansha (Dentsu); Volkswagen (AKQA); Nokia (Farfar); NBC Universal (Jung Von Matt); Claro (Ogilvy)… Full details and video case studies here.
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• Congratulations finalists if you would like us to include your video/case study, please email details to: editor (at)

Grand Prix winners

Campaign: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store.
Awards: Grand Prix Media Lion.
Category: Best Use Of Outdoor Media.
Agency: Cheil Worldwide Seoul, Korea.
South Korea is a unique market. Even the most powerful global corporations tend to fail miserably in the Korean market. Wal-Mart and Carrefour had to pack up their bags and leave. On the contrary, Tesco has been evolving itself, adjusting to the local market. It even changed the name itself, from Tesco to Homeplus. And at last, it grew to the rank of No. 2 in Korea. But Tesco had to overcome one obstacle – fewer stores compared to the number one company, E-mart. Could we become No. 1 without increasing the number of stores? We conducted an in-depth study into Koreans once more. Koreans are the second most hard-working people in the world! For them, grocery shopping once a week is a dreaded task. So we decided to approach these busy and tired people.
We created virtual stores in subway stations hoping to blend into people’s everyday lives. Our first attempt was at busy subway stations in rush hours. Although virtual, the displays were exactly the same as actual stores – this included the merchandising. Only one thing is different, you use smart phones to shop! Scan the QR code with your phone, and the product automatically lands in your on-line cart! When the online purchase is done, it will be delivered to your door right after you get home.
After this campaign, on-line sales increased tremendously (Nov.2010-Jan.2011). Through this campaign, 10,287 consumers visited the online Homeplus mall using smartphones. The number of new registered members rose by 76 percent, and on-line sales increased 130 percent. Currently, Homeplus is No.1 in the on-line market and is a very close No.2 offline.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.
Other awards for this entry: Gold Media Lion (Retail and E-Commerce).

Video case study: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store.

Gold Lions winners

Campaign: StarHub’s Musical Fitting Rooms.
Awards: Gold Promo & Activation Lion.
Category: Best Temporary In-Store Displays in a Promotional Campaign
Agency: DDB Singapore, Singapore.
Other agencies: Tribal DDB.
The youth segment forms more than 50 percent of the customers for the StarHub Online Music Store. For this campaign, StarHub wanted to engage this target group and build stronger affinity. Secondary objectives: increase web traffic and music downloads. We created Musical Fitting Rooms. These rooms suggest songs that suit the style of clothing being tried on.
How It Works: We tagged RFID chips to clothes and installed RFID readers with directional speakers in fitting rooms. When a garment is brought into a fitting room, the RIFD chip triggers the reader to play music that matches the style of the garment. The idea was implemented in 42 retails stores with high youth traffic, turning ordinary fitting rooms into interactive ambient installations. The campaign was covered by two of the biggest youth magazines in the country, driving more people to participating stores.
We closed the sale with the reader beaming proximity text messages to the target’s mobile. These texts contained information about the suggested song and the music store. Average click-through rate was 84 percent. Paid music downloads increased by over 21 percent. Brand equity score among youth increased by 57 percent. And over 47,000 songs from 16 genres were recommended to people across the country. This campaign is ranked as one of the most successful youth promotions for StarHub.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.
Other awards for this entry: Silver Media Lion (Best Use of Audio Media); Silver Promo & Activation Lion (Best Use of Ambient in a Promotional Campaign); Bronze Direct Lion (Direct Response Digital: Mobile Marketing)

Video case study: Starhub’s Musical Fitting Rooms.

Campaign: Mini Countryman: Getaway Stockholm.
Awards: Gold Cyber Lion.
Category: Other Interactive Digital Solution/Games.
Agency: Jung Von Matt Stockholm, Sweden.
Other agencies: Monterosa, Suddenly, Carat, Duo Blau.
MINI launched the new Countryman with the concept “Getaway”. For seven days, everybody with an iPhone was invited to hunt and catch a virtual MINI in Stockholm city. You used an app where you could see the location of the virtual MINI, all other players and yourself. If you got closer than 50 meters of the virtual MINI, you could take it with your iPhone. Then you had to get away, because anyone within 50 meters could take the MINI from you. The person with the virtual MINI in their iPhone when the game finished won a real MINI Countryman.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.
Other awards for this entry: Silver Promo & Activation Lion (Best Use of Other Digital Media in a Promotional Campaign); Bronze: Promo & Activation Lion; Bronze Media Lion (Best Consumer Engagement).

Video case study: Mini Countryman: Getaway Stockholm.

Campaign: Heineken StarPlayer.
Awards: Gold Cyber Lion.
Category: Other Interactive Digital Solution/Mobile Advertising
Agency: AKQA London, United Kingdom.
StarPlayer is a first in social media multi-platform gaming, transforming TV watching into a social interactive experience for fans. 72 percent of people watch UEFA Champions League matches alone and at home*. With StarPlayer, Heineken radically changes the way people watch UCL and takes watching football on TV to the next level. The first global ‘dual-screen’ football game – to score points players anticipate events unfolding on the pitch live and make decisions on what will play out over the next few seconds. Players compete and share scores via Facebook and other players around the world in the ‘Interactive Champions League’.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.

Video case study: Heineken StarPlayer.

Campaign: Viv Magazine: The First iPad Motion Cover & Interactive Spread.
Awards: Gold Cyber Lion.
Category: Craft/Photography
Agency: Alexx Henry, Los Angeles, USA.
With the introduction of the iPad weeks away, Alexx Henry Studios concepted and produced the iPad’s first motion magazine cover and feature spread for the March/April 2010 edition of VIV Magazine, a digital publication for women. The feature is presented through several scenes in a noir-style apartment – building for an article on women’s common sex fears. Moving from one apartment to the next, each scene representing a different fear, viewers are presented with an article incorporated into the scene. The project presented a new and engaging way to view content in a context that was once previously only reserved for print.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.

Video case study: Viv Magazine: The First iPad Motion Cover & Interactive Spread.

Silver Lions winners

Campaign: Reporters Without Borders: The Voice.
Awards: Silver Media Lion.
Category: Best Use Of Print Media.
Agency: Publicis Brussels, Belgium.
Other agencies: Think’n Talk, Rabbit Brussels, The Fridge, Sonicville.
Press freedom seems more than normal for people living in Belgium. The death of two photographers in Libya last April painfully showed us that press freedom is still in danger. Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF/ Reporters without Borders) wanted to approach people in a direct way to show them why press freedom is important for everyone. We created the first talking print ad. The ad showed a predator of press freedom (Gaddafi, Putin, Ahmadinejad), with a QR code in the bottom corner. By scanning this code and putting your iPhone on the mouth of the predator, you could hear a journalist tell the true story of that country.
Our campaign flew all over the world, reaching people far beyond Belgium. We thought it was most interesting to see how people from Iran and Libya, who found a clear symbol for their own battle in our campaign, spread the ad massively. It was largely shared on social networks and made people speak about the matter of ‘press freedom’, one of our main aims. The first results also show a peak in the sales of the RSF book (donations 25 percent up), as well as a big progress in the number of Twitter/ Facebook followers. Since we launched this campaign after the death of the two photographers in April, it is too early to quantify the exact impact of the campaign, but it looks like it will be huge.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.
Other awards for this entry: Bronze Direct Lion (Direct Response Digital: Mobile Marketing)

Video case study: Reporters Without Borders: The Voice.

Campaign: The CommBank Property Guide Application.
Awards: Silver Media Lion.
Category: Best Use of Mobile Devices
Agency: IKON Communications Sydney, Australia.
Other agencies: The White Agency, Vivant, RP Data, Australia.
The CommBank Property Guide provides house hunters with insights into 95 percent of Australian homes. Using augmented reality, valuable data including past sales history, current property listings, recent sales and estimated property value is mapped onto a real world view. This unique functionality creates a friendly way to deliver the relevant information and context to property buyers as they need it on the go. In addition core financial tools including calculators, videos and guides are provided to ensure home buyers are making the right financing choice. Click to call functionality and an ‘arrange an appointment’ contact form allows instant access to the bank once the buyer is ready.
The CommBank Property Guide has set a new industry benchmarks, evidenced by 120 pieces of national media coverage across TV, online and print (estimated circulation of 44 million instances). Just three and a half months since the launch, we exceeded the 6 month stretch target of 100,000 downloads, a result that has translated into: • More than 455,000 user sessions • More than 1,200,000 property searches • Tens of thousands of engagements with calculators, videos and articles The application itself averages 45+ calls per week to the Commonwealth Bank which has translated into a return on marketing investment of 109 percent.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.

Video case study: The Commbank Property Guide Application.

Campaign: Converse: The Sampler.
Awards: Silver Media Lion.
Category: Best Use of Mobile Devices
Agency: R/GA New York, USA.
Summary: Online shopping is problematic because you can’t try on what you’re looking at. Mobile shopping can be even trickier. Converse has always been a brand that stands for innovation. Adding to that tradition, we created a new way for their customers to shop using their iPhones. Through augmented reality, now you can try on Converse classics and other collections virtually with The Sampler app. After browsing the collections and picking your favorite model, simply position your mobile camera towards your foot and scale the shoe to fit over your foot. When you find the model that suits you, snap a picture to add it to your gallery. You can also share it with friends on Facebook and get their reactions. When you’ve reached a decision, buy the pair directly from the app. The Converse Sampler is a category first that has changed the way people shop for shoes online. There were over 10,000 downloads of the app. Approximately 240,000 products viewed and 22,500 photos of sneakers taken to date.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.

Campaign: Nike Football+ Team Edition.
Awards: Silver Cyber Lion.
Category: Other Interactive Digital Solutions/Mobile Advertising
Agency: AKQA London, UK
Nike Football+ Team Edition is an essential football app for coaches of all levels to help take their team to glory. Featuring pro content created with the world’s greatest teams and coaches, teams can master Speed with Brazil, Accuracy with Juventus, and Control with FC Barcelona. A coach can control every aspect of his team’s game, creating multiple personalized training programs and selecting specific players to take-on different challenges based on areas they need to boost, and it’s accessible on any training ground via the iPad.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.

Bronze Lions winners

Campaign: Airwalk’s Invisible Pop Up Store.
Awards: Bronze Cyber Lion.
Category: Other Interactive Digital Solutions/Mobile Advertising
Agency: Y&R New York, USA.
Other agencies: Goldrun.
When Airwalk decided to do a limited edition re-launch of their classic sneaker, the Airwalk Jim, we came up with an entirely new way to do it. We made the world’s first ever Invisible Pop Up Stores. Coupling together cell phones, GPS technology, and Augmented Reality, customers could only buy the Jim if they downloaded the app, went to a pre-determined location, held up their phones, and took a photo of the AR Jim floating there. That allowed them to purchase the sneaker there and then. An exclusive product sold to an exclusive audience for an entirely new retail experience. We created an entirely new method of retail. Airwalk’s e-store had its busiest day ever. We generated $5 million of earned media in press, online and TV. We re-established Airwalk’s link with street culture, and made them relevant again.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.
Other awards for this entry: Bronze Direct Lion

Video case study: Airwalk’s Invisible Pop Up Store.

Campaign: Audi’s Augmented Reality Calendar.
Awards: Bronze Design Lion.
Category: Graphic Design & Design Crafts/Calendars
Agency: Neue Digitale/Razorfish Berlin, Germany
A car calendar without cars! The calendar showed only high-quality landscape photos. In order to experience the cars, the user had to download an iPhone app. Using augmented reality, one could then bring out the cars onto the landscapes, with sounds, animations and all! 25,000 calendars were sent out. So far, the app has been downloaded 23,448 times.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.
Other awards for this entry: Bronze Direct Lion

Video case study: Audi’s Augmented Reality Calendar.

Campaign: UNICEF’s Repay For Good.
Awards: Bronze Direct Lion.
Category: Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages
Agency: Serviceplan Munich, Germany
A common habit with a common problem: We all lend little amounts of money to friends. But we hardly get it back. We used this fact to increase donations. The UNICEF “Repay for good“ app enables your friend to donate the money he owes you. We placed a link on the UNICEF website for people to be able to download the app. It works simply on your smart phone: Choose your friend who owes you money in the address book, set the amount and choose the UNICEF project you want your friend to donate for. He then automatically receives a message with a link to a Microsite, where he can donate the money. As we just launched the application, it is hard to judge the results right now. But in the first days, we already received a large number of donations, with the help of the UNICEF “Repay for good“ app. And every small donation has a big goal: helping children in need, all over the world.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.

Video case study: UNICEF’s Repay For Good.

Campaign: Bud Ice Cold Index.
Awards: Bronze Promo & Activation Lion.
Category: Best Integrated Promotional Campaign.
Agency: DDB, London, UK.
In 2009 DIAGEO Ireland launched Budweiser Ice Cold as a new variant to drive volume during peak summer months and attract younger drinkers into the brand. Subsequent TV campaigns did a good job at raising awareness, but struggled to turn that awareness into trial among advocates of competitor brands. Our objectives were: 1. Actually effect a behavior change and drive trial in an innovative way. 2. In doing so bring new drinkers into the portfolio and drive volume through the summer period. 3. Drive Bud Ice Cold’s summer refreshment credentials. 4. Build up the Bud Ice Cold brand values; fun, aspirational, youthful and at the heart of group social occasions.
The concept started as literally a two line idea, but the implementation implications were huge- the technology had to be developed from scratch. For 18 months we worked to provide a back-end vouchering mechanic that was: 1. Compatible with Diageo’s existing content management systems. 2. Able to feed into a detailed real-time reporting system so that we could reassure landlords they would be reimbursed on a weekly basis for whatever they had sold on discount. 3. Able to feed into a basic front-end architecture for delivering time-sensitive vouchers to mobile handsets in a way that allowed for it to be re-skinned for any brand and related promotions. 4. Fraud-proof and easy to use for retailers.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.

Video promotion: Bud Ice Cold Index.

Campaign: Domino’s Pizza location-based App.
Awards: Bronze Promo & Activation Lion.
Category: Retail (Incl. Restaurants).
Agency: Hakuhodo Tokyo, Japan.
Other agencies: KAYAC, A.C.O.
Domino’s Pizza had slumped to the third place in the competitive Japanese delivery pizza market. Our mission is to increase sales under this condition. Our strategy for accomplishment of this goal is not only to show ads to new customers, but also to create a new market by building a new food culture. So where does a new market exist? Our answer is OUTDOORS. “People order delivery pizza to their houses.” We broke this stereotype by creating a smart-phone application “Domino’s App”.
We created a smart-phone application “Domino’s App”, the world’s 1st GPS delivery service which can deliver pizza to anywhere users are. It broke the stereotype that “normally people order delivery pizza in the house” and stimulated our hidden appetite. It got great attention both online and in the mass media. More than 200,000 downloads and 1st place in iTunes App Store. It created over $4million (427,023,362) in sales in only 1 year. Sales cost per order: 2,424 (about$20). Total number of orders: 176,115. It created massive buzz on social web services such as Twitter, blogs, and SNS. The Domino’s app was featured on the nationwide TV news programs and magazines without any payment of media fees.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.

Video case study: Domino’s Pizza location-based App.

Campaign: Westpac’s Impulse Saver.
Awards: Bronze Promo & Activation Lion.
Category: Financial Products & Services.
Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand.
New Zealand has a problem. We spend too much and save too little. The Government, media and even international credit rating agencies are talking about it. We tapped into one of the biggest conversations in New Zealand. And provided a solution. What if we could save as impulsively as we spend? Imagine a red button, and every time you press it you save. Now imagine that button in your pocket. Westpac’s Impulse Saver iPhone App is the world’s first impulse saving product from a bank.
In February 2011, we commissioned research into New Zealanders’ impulse spending habits. We found that each day, 4.2M Kiwis spend $16.1M on impulsive purchases like drinks and chocolate bars. Close Up, NZ’s leading prime time current affairs show, were so impressed that they decided to film their show with $16.1M cash as their back-drop. This PR stunt spear-headed the campaign followed by; • The app being launched on the app store. • Consecutive page press ads in weekend newspapers. • A 200 strong adshel campaign across NZ. • Advertising in true ‘impulse purchasing’ areas – the doors of iconic NZ shopping malls, with digital eyelites within the malls. • Online banners, including home page takeovers. • In-branch activity to encourage conversation at branch.
Impulse Saver was launched late February 2011, and therefore measured brand, business or behavioral results are not yet available. However to date the Impulse Saver product has exceeded Westpac’s uptake target by 259 percent, with over a third of all Westpac Customers with iPhones downloading the app. It generated in excess of $400,000 worth of free media coverage.
More details of campaign: summary of entry.

Video case study: Westpac’s Impulse Saver.

Cannes Lions finalists

This includes short-listed mobile campaigns that are not included in the award winners above.

Media Lions: Shortlist
Category: Best Use of Mobile Devices
Welcome To Our Reality – client: Swedish Armed Forces; agency: DDB; Carat.
Perrier By Dita – client: Nestlé Waters; agency: Ogilvy France; Zenith Optimedia; Levallois-Perret.
Whopper Face App – client: Burger King; agency: Ogilvy Brasil.
Unbottle Yourself – client: Carlsberg; agency: Åkestam Holst

Cyber Lions: Shortlist
Category: Mobile Advertising.
Have A Camper Day – client: Camper; agency: HERRAIZ SOTO.
Leaf Iad – client: Nissan; agency: TBWAChiatDay.
Vending Machine – client: Mini Canada; agency: Taxi 2.
HEAT MWC – client: Google; agency: Jung Von Matt.
This Unpredictable Life – client: Honda; agency: Wieden+Kennedy.
Boom – client: Nike; agency: R/GA.
Stream – client: Lynx; agency: Razorfish.
The Heart Of Puerto Rico – client: Pepsico; agency: JWT.
Own Voice – client: Nokia agency: Wieden+Kennedy; Glue Isobar; StarCut.
Dali Museum App – client: Dali Museum; agency: Goodby Silverstein.

Direct Lions: Shortlist
Category: Direct Response Digital: Mobile Marketing.
Discover The Master – client: Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts; agency: The Martin Agency Richmond.
The Witnes – client: Universal Global Networks; agency: Jung Von Matt.
Salute Trainer – client: Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces; agency: Hakuhodo.
IHOBO 1.1 – client: Depaul; agency: Publicis.
Dog-A-Like App – client: Mars Petcare agency: WHYBINTBWA.

Agencies: if you would like to see your video case study featured here, or if we’ve have missed any award-winning mobile campaigns at Cannes, please contact: editor (at)

2010 Cannes Lions Winners include (brand/agency): IKEA/Mobile Dreams Factory; Samsung/From Stockholm With Love; Zoo Records/Leo Burnett; IBM/Ogilvy; Autotrader/Sapientnitro; Kodansha/Dentsu; Volkswagen/AKQA; Nokia/Farfar; NBC Universal/Jung Von Matt; Claro/Ogilvy… Full details and video case studies here.

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