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  • Emulators - Posted by mark.anderson - 13 Jan 2014
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    Automated Mobile UI Testing with CasperJS

  • While real user testing is critical to almost any web effort, the benefits and speed provided by automated testing make it a powerful addition to any test regime. In this article we'll be discussing the automation of UI testing with CasperJS, and PhantomJS.
  • Touch - Posted by mclancy - 16 Jun 2014
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    FIFA World Cup Mobile Site

  • As World Cup fever begins to take hold (even for those of us from countries that didn't qualify), I've inevitably found myself drawn into the competition, multi-screen style. Having access to an array of fixtures, groups, stats, team line-ups and so on at my fingertips has definitely added to my experience of the event.
  • Emulators - Posted by mokil - 14 Oct 2009
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    A Guide to Mobile Emulators

  • In a previous article, I put forward a three-point plan for testing mobile Web sites. One of the points involved the use of emulators for first-pass device testing. This article concentrates on configuring emulators for mobile site testing (it also highlights emulators that can be used to test mobile applications too). It outlines the different types of emulator available, the best ones to use, and the various ways in which they can be used. For the uninitiated, an emulator is a software program that aims to replicate the functions of a specific piece of hardware or software.
  • Emulators - Posted by Soma Ghosh - 27 Aug 2009
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    Getting Started with Java ME

  • As the world gets connected, we see the emergence of a wide variety of sophisticated and personalized mobile devices. Although the number-crunching power of the higher-end devices is very respectable, there is still a need to build applications that use minimal resources, and that are portable. Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME), formerly known as J2ME, with Java’s inherent ‘Build once, run everywhere’ concept has been adapted to build resource constraint applications for these myriad devices.
  • iPhone - Posted by ruadhan - 15 Apr 2009
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    Getting Started with iPhone Development

  • Developers new to the Mac platform, or new to mobile, might find getting started with iPhone development a little tricky at first. In this article we take a look at the tools involved and go through the main steps in getting your first "Hello World!" iPhone app off the ground.
  • Android - Posted by weimenglee - 12 Mar 2009
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    SMS Messaging in Android

  • It would be safe to say that nearly every mobile phone sold in the past decade has SMS messaging capabilities. In fact, SMS messaging is one great killer application for the mobile phone and it has created a steady revenue stream for mobile operators. Understanding how to use SMS messaging in your application can provide you with many ideas to create the next killer application.
  • Android - Posted by weimenglee - 19 Feb 2009
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    Getting Started with Android Development

  • Unless you have been hiding in the caves for the past couple of months, by now you must have heard of the mobile platform from Google that everyone is talking about. Yes, that's right, I am talking about Android. Android is an open source mobile operating system that is based on the Linux kernel. Using Android, device manufacturers can customize the OS to suit their particular hardware design, thereby allowing them to innovate without limitations.
  • Emulators - Posted by H2f - 19 Oct 2007
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    Device simulators with PHP

  • When a new mobile application is launched, it often is an issue how it is to be presented to the targeted users on the web. Linking directly to the application URL often results in a poor browsing experience on standard web browsers. Likewise, relying on one of the known online device emulators may result in compatibility problems, performance issues and dependencies on third party web servers.
  • Emulators - Posted by admin - 01 May 2007
  • Mobile Emulators

  • DotMobi strongly encourages the use of mobile phone emulators during the development of any mobile site since they allow you to get a rough idea of how the site will look without having to purchase multiple devices or incurring data charges. Be sure to read our guide to mobile emulators here.