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mobiThinking was visited by 463,000 unique visitors in 2011 (225 percent more than 2010) – what did they come to read? The top destination was the Compendium of global mobile stats with 470,000 Pageviews (PV), followed by the Guides to mobile ad networks, the world’s top mobile markets, mobile awards and mobile agencies. Find the links to all the top content below…

• mobiThinking’s readership is global, but the top 10 countries by number of readers in 2010 were United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, France and Netherlands.
• mobiThinking is interested in hearing your suggestions for mobile content in 2012. If you’d like to recommend a topic to investigate; a country, agency or ad network to be profiled; a guru who must be interviewed; or some stats we should chase down, then please email: editor (at)
• PV = pageviews in 2011

The big guides:

• Compendium of global mobile stats (470,000 PV)
The compendium was born in 2010 out of mobiThinking’s frustration at widespread (mis)quoting of inaccurate mobile statistics. What started out as a list of stats from more reliable sources (no stats are infallible) has now become a vast and regularly updated repository of mobile stats and research. Judging by the popularity of the stats compendium, there are thousands of other people out there crying out for decent stats on all things mobile.

• Guide to mobile ad networks (81,376 PV)
Ad networks play a very important role in bringing mobile advertisers and publishers together, but with so many out there, and none being alike, which should you choose? This guide asks the questions that every advertiser/publisher needs to know to make an educated choice. This guide profiles 18 of the top mobile ad networks in-depth. New profiles added in 2011 included: Mobile Theory, Madvertise, Hunt Mobile Ads. The 2012 version of the guide will add several new ad networks profiles, as well as updating some of the older profiles.

• The insiders’ guides to the world’s greatest mobile markets (35,145 PV)
All countries are at different stages in their mobile development. We can all learn a lot from what is happening with mobile in different countries, but for outsiders it is often difficult to find detailed information. Each in-depth country guide is written by a specialist in each local mobile market. The Guide to mobile in France is the eleventh country profile in this series, written by Benoît Corbin, president of Mobile Marketing Association France. The most popular country guide is Japan, where Infinita’s Christopher Billich (now at Deutsche Telekom) spills the beans on the world’s most sophisticated mobile market. Stay tuned for some excellent new guides in 2012.

• Mobile awards guide (18,930 PV)
Clearly the readership loves a video case study for an award-winning campaign as much as we do. This year Cannes Lions topped the MMA Global Awards in the popularity stakes – probably due to the buzz caused by the planned launch of a specialist Mobile Lions category in 2012. The EMMAs and Mobi Awards were also popular.

• Guide to mobile agencies (14,835 PV)
The guide was designed to help companies pick the right mobile agency, examining expertise, client list, award-winning work etc.
The latest profiles, for London-based Golden Gekko (with over 600 branded apps and mobile sites in 30 countries) and the multi-award-winning Stockholm-based Mobiento, makes it 14 in-depth agency profiles. The most popular of these are Madrid-based Mobext and Mumbai-based Hungama.

The insiders’ guides:

• Mobile apps: native v Web (22,597 PV) – Published in late 2010, the continued popularity of this guide by GIA’s Lie Luo, shows that the native v Web app debate is still top of the agenda.
• Mobile barcodes – Laura Marriott, former MMA president, acting CEO of NeoMedia Technologies, is our guide to marketing using QR codes and other 2D codes.
• Mobile research (m-research) – Dr Liz Nelson of Fly Research and Dr Lorenz Gräf of Globalpark take us through the pros and cons of conducting research via the respondents mobile device.
• B2B mobile marketing – It’s a rare treat to find a mobile evangelist preaching B2B, rather than B2C – get the low down from Christina “CK” Kerley.
• Device detection – Ronan Cremin of dotMobi (mobiThinking’s parent company) explains why it is essential that you identify the devices used by the mobile visitors to your site and serve up an optimized experience.
• Mobile cities – Using contributions from 11 different mobile experts, this guide establishes the key criteria that form the DNA of a truly mobile city, and highlighted the cities that come closest today.
• Mobile Health (m-health) – Mobile health guru and co-founder of the 3G Doctor, David Doherty provides us with an in-depth look at what’s happening in the sector where mobile can not only change lives, but also save them.
• Mobile device security – With contributions from the chairman of the GSMA Security Group, the vice president of the Global Institute for Cyber Security & Research and the chairman of SIMalliance Mobile Internet Security Workgroup, this is a must read for all mobile professionals and any company that uses mobile phones in the workplace.

The interviews:

The top five video interviews:
In Q4 2011, mobiThinking conducted 19 video interviews in London and New York, with the top mobile marketing and mobile Web experts (5,897 PV). The most popular of these were:
• Why HTML5 changes everything – Dimitrios Kontarinis, VP of innovation, Velti.
• How mobile Web should fit into your digital strategy – Ilicco Elia, head of mobile, Lbi.
• Five top tips for a great mobile Website – Phillip Clement, Bemoko.
• Mobile’s role in the advertising world Russ Lidstone, CEO, Euro RSCG.
• Autotrader, lessons from a decade on the mobile Web – Amy Gale, Autotrader Mobile.

The top five interviews:
mobiThinking is running a series of interviews with the MMA’s regional MDs. The interview with the Asian MD was the most popular interview this year, yet again showing the intense interest in the Asian mobile market among the readership.
• What makes Asia Pacific the most exciting mobile market in the world? – Rohit Dadwal, MD Asia Pacific, MMA.
• Using mobile Web-based research to deliver insights into the mobile-only generation – Alistair Hill, On Device Research.
• How mobile money is changing Africa – Barry Coetzee, iVeri.
• Five-minute interview – Carsten Frien, CEO, Madvertise.
• What makes EMEA the world’s most exciting mobile market? – Paul Berney, managing director, MMA EMEA.

The Blog

Top five blog posts:
The mobiThinking blog received 79,975 PV in 2011. The most popular blog was on NFC – looking behind the hype, it documented what is actually happening with NFC today around the world.
• What is Near-Field Communications (NFC)? What is all the fuss about?
• Asia will dominate mobile advertising spend 2011-2015, but N. America and W. Europe will catch up – Gartner
• Android looks like the big winner from Nokia’s plan to drop the Symbian OS: Implications for your mobile strategy
• 96 percent of smartphones and tablets lack necessary security software. Why it matters to your business – a lot
• Compelling content: tips for making useful, sticky mobile Web sites and apps
• Why your ad agency likes mobile apps…why that might not deliver the best ROI for you

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The data refers only to the mobiThinking readership and is not supposed to reflect the mobile business as a whole.

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