Winners of the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs) 2010

Update (December 2012): The 2012 winners of the EMMAs are here. The 2011 winners of the EMMAs are here.

The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs)

• Founded: 2010.
• Organized by: Mobile Marketing Magazine (UK)
• Deadline for entries: September 24, 2010
• Entry fee: free (though originally there was a fee).
• Winners announced: December 7, 2010, London, UK
• Categories in 2010: Most effective mobile… site; advertising campaign; operator opt-in subscriber database campaign; CRM campaign; sales promotion/direct response campaign; application – b2c; application – b2b; m-commerce solution; location-based service/campaign; Bluetooth marketing campaign; couponing or barcode campaign; mobile search campaign.
• mobiThinking verdict: The quality of the entries for EMMAs 2010 was quite impressive for a newcomer to the awards circuit. This was probably helped by dropping the entry price. The organizers did provide useful backgrounders on the winning entries, though these would be improved by including links to further information on the winners’ sites and/or video where available.
• Judges include: Bob Wootton, ISBA; John Mew, IAB; Rimma Perelmuter, MEF; Sienne Veit, M&S Direct; Jonathan Bass, Incentivated; Alex Meisl, Sponge; Ben Cussack, MIG; Russell Buckley, AdMob; Helen Keegan; Mick Rigby, Yodel Digital; Harald Neidhardt, Smaato; Caroline van den Bergh, Golden Gekko; Steve Kemish, IDM; Scott Seaborn, Ogilvy; Ben Tatton-Brown, Amobee; Jeremy Copp, comScore; Peggy-Anne Salz, MSearchGroove; Alistair Crane, Grapple Mobile; Nick Lane, mobileSQUARED; Mark Hawkins, MDA; Andy Favell, mobiThinking; Ashley Norris, Shiny Media; Stuart Miles, Pocket Lint; David Murphy, Mobile Marketing magazine.

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Congratulations to the EMMA Awards Winners. If you can send us a link to your case study/video and a paragraph outlining the nature of the entry, we will add it. Send details to: editor (at)

Most Effective Mobile Site

Winner: Mobile Interactive Group for Marks & Spencer mobile site
Description of winning entry:
Marks & Spencer, one of the UK’s leading retailers has worked with Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) for consultancy on the user experience, design and functionality for the launch of their first ever mobile commerce internet site, in partnership with Usablenet. The purpose of the site is to extend the Marks & Spencer brand onto the mobile channel, to create another direct communications channel with consumers and to enable consumers to access all product lines on the move as mobile is now being treated like the web.
The m-commerce site, which launched on 12th May 2010 has a clear, simple, effective design which presents the user with a quick route to access their desired product. To date the site has delivered some impressive results, outstripping initial KPI’s.
• 1.2m unique visitors since launch
• Over 10m page views
• More than 13,000 orders from site since launch
• The most popular handsets used to access the site are primarily iPhones and secondarily Android devices
• Types of products purchased range from wide screen TV’s to sofas and clothes
• £3280 is the single largest value order (for two sofas)
• Read more.

Runners up:
Flirtomatic for Flirtomatic mobile site
The Guardian for Guardian mobile site

Most Effective mCommerce Solution

Winner: Ericsson IPX/LINK Mobility for Skåne Transport SMS Bus Tickets
Description of winning entry:
Following a number of robberies on buses in the Skåne region of Sweden, the regional transport authority, Skåne Travel, brought in Ericsson IPX, LINK Mobility designed and built a mobile ticketing system to help increase the safety of its bus drivers, and to improve customer service. Travelers can buy tickets on their mobile, but also view the latest travel information and bus timetables on their handset.
The system uses a small Java app. When a passenger buys a ticket, a premium SMS is sent to Ericsson IPX. After checking the customer has sufficient credit on their mobile account, the price of the ticket is charged to their mobile account and a color-coded ticket is sent to the app on their mobile. The service has proved so successful that it has become the sole method of purchasing tickets on the buses, replacing cash entirely.
Around 18,000 mobile tickets are now sold each month. Bus loading times are reduced, as drivers only need to check tickets, rather than selling them. And Drivers no longer need to carry cash, as the app is the only way of buying ‘spot’ tickets on the bus, though customer can still buy prepaid cards, monthly season passes and paper tickets in advance of boarding the bus.

Highly Commended: Bango for Bango In-App Billing
Runners up:
Ericsson IPX/Selecta for MobiVending Vending Machine SMS Purchase
Mobile Interactive Group for
Portaltech L.K.Bennett Mobile Site
Touchnote for Touchnote Postcards

Most Effective Location-based Service/Campaign

Winner: NAVTEQ Media Solutions for McDonalds LocationPoint Campaign
Description of winning entry: The campaign, powered by NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising, enabled McDonald’s to deliver location-relevant mobile ads to users of Nokia Ovi Maps when they were within a certain distance of McDonald’s 82 restaurants in Finland. The ad campaign promoted a McDonald’s cheese burger for 1 euro, resulting in a solid, measureable ROI, a 7.0 percent click-thru rate. Consumers clicked on the ads to see promotion details and receive driving or walking directions to the nearest store location. Of users who clicked through, 39 percent selected the click-to-navigate option which offered ”drive to” or ”walk to” navigation to the nearest McDonald’s location using Nokia’s Ovi Maps navigation.

Runners up:
KEO Digital for Landshare iPhone App
Placecast for Placecast ShopAlerts
Yodel Digital for woZZon Android App

Most Effective Sales Promotion/Direct Response Campaign

Winner: Upstream Systems for MTN 2010 FIFA World Cup Campaign, West Africa
Description of winning entry: The FIFA World Cup campaign ran simultaneously across multiple countries on the African continent to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the event and to allow the operator to develop an interactive customer experience. The multi-national campaign delivered an average 10 per cent participation rate, yielding revenues of over €14.5 (US $19) million across all markets. Upstream devised, organized and executed the campaign from start-to-finish on its proprietary Marketing Communications Suite (MCS).

Highly Commended: Sponge/OpenMarket for Coca-Cola ‘Coca-Cola Great Britain for Gimme Credit Campaign
Runners up:
Fancharge for Go Go Lions Baseball Campaign
Sponge for Customer Acquisition Campaign
Incentivated for Jaguar XJ Launch
Upstream Systems/Vodafone for 90 Mercedes C-Class ‘One Every Day!’ Campaign

Most Effective Bluetooth Marketing Campaign

Winner: BlisMobile for Unilever Cornetto ‘Enigma’ Campaign
Description of winning entry: BlisMobile’s Bluetooth campaign for Unilever’s Cornetto Enigma brand was aimed at 16 – 24 year olds, and included a dating competition which offered an ‘Average Jo’ the chance to win a date with a ‘Heat Hunk’ or a ‘High Street Honey’ to see if it truly is “what’s inside that counts”. In July and August 2010, a call to action on giant Transvision screens at Manchester Piccadilly, and London Waterloo and Victoria Stations, and on the London and Southampton bus networks, offered consumers the chance to download a series of videos of interviews with ‘Heat Hunks’ and ‘High Street Honeys’. From Monday mornings new videos catered to the business commuter and from Thursday evenings videos catered to weekend leisure commuters.
• The campaign generated 119,991 downloads, in excess of the guaranteed 100,000 with each download charged at costing £0.20 (US $31). The additional 20,000 downloads were not charged for
• The download rate was 10.3 per cent.

Runners up: Incentivated for Estee Lauder DKNY ‘Candy Apples’ Launch

Most Effective Mobile Advertising Campaign

Winner: Sky Sports/Procter & Gamble for ‘Pringoooals’
In a 2010 World Cup promotion Sky Media designed, built and hosted a mobile app for Procter & Gamble’s Pringles Range called the ‘Pringoooals Soundboard’ to engage soccer fans. With the multiple sounds, such as air-horn, applause and trumpets and functions, such as a red card screen, the app helped users to express the excitement, frustration and euphoria while watching the World Cup games. The campaign was advertised exclusively on Sky’s World Cup Score Centre and Sky Sports News iPhone apps.

Runners up:
AdMob/Fetch Media for
Out There Media for Samsung Galaxy S Launch
Auto Trader Mobile for ‘Now That’s The Cat’s Pyjamas’
Pontomobi for Dove Men+Care Sampling Machine
Yodel Digital for Jobsite

Most Effective Mobile Operator Opt-in Subscriber Database Campaign

Winner: Turkcell/Rabarba for ClearMen ‘Cool Sport’ Campaign
This campaign ran during the 2010 World Cup. Clear Cool Sport, an anti-dandruff shampoo for men, was seeking to be one of the top-of-mind brands during the tournament. The aim of the campaign was to add a local touch to the global Clear Cool Sport commercials which starred soccer superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. Participants in the mobile game help Turkish football hero, Arda, overcome a series of obstacles to get to a game in which Ronaldo was playing. In one level of the game, Arda loses his way and calls the participant for directions.
• Sales of the shampoo showing a 60 per cent year-on-year increase.

Runners up:
Indosat for i-klan
Orange Shots/Optimium for ‘Leap Year’ Campaign
Velti for AVEA ‘World of Advantages’

Most Effective Mobile CRM/Enterprise Messaging Campaign

Winner: Incentivated for M&S Mobile CRM Campaign
The SMS-based campaign recruited 700,000 opted-in customers to the Marks & Spencer database, to receive offers, deals, promotions e.g. text-and-win competitions, news about M&S and event reminders for in-store loyalty events.

Highly Commended Velti for Argos ‘Text & take Home’ Service
Runners up:
Dynmark for Carphone Warehouse ‘Fab Phonecall’ Competition
Txtlocal for
Txtlocal for Papa John’s ‘Offer of the Month’

Most Effective Mobile Couponing or Barcode Campaign

Winner: Fancharge for Go Go Lions Baseball Campaign
Description of winning entry:
Three weeks before the game, fans of Seibu Lions, a Japanese major-league pro baseball team, received a call-to-action via radio, TV, print, the web and mobile, to send a mobile trigger and register personal details. Registered users then received personalized branded mobile home pages and were entered in timed drawings for loaded mobile QR code passes. Winners’ phones were scanned at the venue on game day using QR scanning stations and roaming staff with portable NFC/RFID devices, winners received free tickets, branded goods, mobile content, discounts and entry into a jumbo-screen mobile competition for signed team merchandise.
• The campaign generated 8,000 mobile responses from fans, more than 1,000 of whom arrived early with their QR codes and were scanned to collect campaign gifts.
• 80 percent of registered fans redeemed mobile promotions for food/beverage and merchandise, and 20 per cent responded to offers on next-event tickets.
• The game was a sell-out, and exit interviews showed 90 per cent of the participants understood the event was a campaign between the Lions and the local radio station that sponsored the promotion while 80 per cent of participants wanted to repeat the experience.
Runners up:
O2 Media for ‘Photobox’ Campaign
ScreenTicket for Sprite ‘Sell Your Mother’ Campaign.

Most Effective Mobile Application for b2c

Winner:TouchType for SwiftKey

Highly Commended: Shazam for Shazam
Runners up:
Accumulate for Flexion Wrapper
iSpeech for Drive Vouchers
Portaltech for Stripeylines

Most Effective Mobile Application for b2b

Winner: NXP SemiConductors for NXP mobile app
With the app, engineers can access detailed product specifications 10,000 NXP semiconductor products and share them via social media; order products; find sales offices and distributors; and access technical support. The app launched on iTunes in July, and was downloaded more than 2,000 times in the first two months. In the same time period, downloads of datasheets increased by 1,200 per cent, while the app also drove a significant boost in traffic to the NXP website.

Highly Commended Propeller Mobile for Congrex Conference App
Runners up:
Crafted Media for Anyspacedirect
Grapple for Beehive Business Call Management
Huddle for Huddle for Mobile
SPB Software for SPB Mobile Shell

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