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mobiThinking was visited by 668,420 unique visitors in 2013 – what did they come to read? The top attraction on mobiThinking in 2013 was the Mobile stats compendium with 882,412 pageviews (PV), followed by the Guides to Mobile ad networks; the world’s top mobile markets, in particular Kenya and Nigeria; and mobile awards, especially the Cannes Mobile Lions winners. Also high on the agenda: SEO best practices; promoting mobile apps; and greedy apps. Find the links to all the top content below…
• mobiThinking’s readership is global, but the top 10 countries by number of readers in 2013 were United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, France, South Africa and Malaysia.
• mobiThinking is interested in hearing your suggestions for mobile content in 2014. If you’d like to recommend a topic to investigate; a country, agency or ad network to be profiled; a guru who must be interviewed; or some stats we should chase down, then please email: editor (at)
• PV = pageviews in 2013.

The big guides:

Compendium of global mobile stats (975,298 PV)

In a business that is plagued by inaccurate, misleading and untraceable statistics, the compendium is the champion of credible mobile statistics from reliable sources. It is gratifying to see that it has become the go-to resource for so many of our mobile compadres. This year the most popular sections of the compendium were: mobile subscribers and handset share (240,529 PV), mobile apps (90,921 PV) and mobile Web and 3G subscriptions (50,143 PV).
The momentous task of updating the compendium for 2014 is underway, so if you like your stats hot-off-the-press, follow @mobithinking on twitter.

Guide to mobile ad networks (99,950 PV)

This guide profiles 24 of the top mobile ad networks asking the questions which advertisers publishers should, in order to choose the most appropriate partner for promotion or monetization. The most recent additions include DMG; and the Africa specialist Twinpine. Expect several new networks to be added in the 2014 version.
Trends to watch in 2014: the emergence of real-time-bidding (RTB) exchanges, demand-side platforms (DSP) and supply-side platforms (SSP) – it will be interesting to see if/how this affects the mobile ad market. For an explanation see: What is a DSP and RTB?

Mobile awards guide (59,698 PV)

The best thing about awards is the winner’s video case studies. The awards guide showcases hundreds of these inspiring videos from all the major mobile awards, as well as providing all the need-to-know details for potential entrants. The most popular mobile awards with mobiThinking readers was Cannes Mobile Lions (34,400 PV), which also contains the best collection of winners videos. Other popular awards were the Webby Awards; MMA SMARTIES Awards; Effective Mobile Marketing Awards and the GSMA Global Mobile Awards.

Guides to the world’s greatest mobile markets (31,384 PV)

mobiThinking has been gradually building a library of guides to the world’s top mobile markets – both the biggest and the most interesting – all written by local experts. This year we added two excellent new guides to Germany (2,989 PV), the largest mobile market in Europe, and Sweden (2,950 PV), a hot-bed of mobile talent.
The two most popular guides, however, were from Africa: Kenya (5,185 PV), the world leader in mobile money, and Nigeria (4,675 PV), the largest mobile market in Africa.
Stay tuned for some brilliant new country guides in 2014 starting with Argentina and the UK.

Guide to mobile agencies (10,864 PV)

The guide was designed to help companies pick the right mobile agency, examining expertise, client lists, award-winning work etc. To date the guide includes 16 in-depth agency profiles, the latest of which is the award-winning Netherlands-based XS2. There are new agency profiles in the pipeline for 2014.
The most popular profiles in 2013 were: US-based The Hyperfactory and Brazil-based Pontomobi.
Trends to watch: the number of independent agencies that are being purchased by digital/marketing/advertising agencies. Four of our 16 have been acquired in recent years.

Other guides

Optimizing mobile sites for search engines remains high on the agenda for mobiThinking readers, as is the need to find new ways to promote mobile apps and, as it should be, compliance and privacy.
• Mobile SEO best practices (12,722 PV) * completely revised for 2014
• Mobile app promotion guide (4,718 PV)
• Common compliance and privacy mistakes (1,337 PV)

Top interviews

You can’t underestimate the interest in Web-based applications. The FT Web app interview, from 2012, was even more popular this year than it was last year, with 4,411 views. Of the 2013 interviews, Tomi-Ahonen, Richard Ting (RGA) and André Andrade (MEF/Titans) topped the polls.
• What you can learn from the FT Web app: interview with Steve Pinches
• What is the future of mobile? Q&A with Tomi Ahonen
• Five-minute interview: Richard Ting, R/GA
• What makes mobile a critical channel for customer engagement in Latin America? Interview with André Andrade MEF LatAm and Titans

The Blog (116,255 PV): the top 10

• How greedy is your app – does it drain batteries or gobble data? Test it before you’re named and shamed (17,161 PV)
• Why Samsung is number one handset/smartphone vendor: why your mobile strategy should emulate Samsung (8,066 PV)
• Websites must be mobile-friendly to comply with FTC’s new digital advertising guidelines (3,263 PV)
• Global mobile ad market growing faster than expected, says Gartner (2,703 PV)
• 65 percent of US smartphone shoppers prefer to use mobile Web to mobile apps for shopping. Is that shocking? It shouldn’t be (2,665 PV)
• The 100 million club 2013: the top 14 mobile markets by total mobile and 3G/4G subscribers (2,559 PV)
• Mobile payments will surpass $235 Billion in 2013 (Gartner); NFC still disappointingly small, despite the hype (1,563 PV)
• Google search to punish mobile Web bad practice, including those irritating download-our-app interstitial ads (1,269 PV)
• The rise of mobile Web, mobile for good and other trends from Cannes Mobile Lions 2013 (1,126 PV)
• Mobile ad spend is growing fast, but is only a pittance of total media budgets (1,126 PV)

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The data refers only to the mobiThinking readership and is not supposed to reflect the mobile business as a whole

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