Video: Your customers are mobile, are you? Mike Yonker, Rockfish

15 percent of Google searches are now conducted on a mobile device. Mobile Web is like a drive-up sales window – if you aren’t there when people come by on their mobile device, you won’t be doing business, you won’t be connecting with fans, you won’t be meeting whatever goals you want to achieve, points out Mike Yonker, vice president of mobile, Rockfish.

Up-and-coming digital agency Rockfish was acquired by WPP in August 2011. It was OMMA’s Agency of the Year 2010 and is on Ad Age’s Agency A-List.

In this interview Mike Yonker, vice president of mobile, Rockfish, answers the following questions:

0:15 Why is it essential that brands have a mobile strategy?
1:00 Why is mobile Web an essential part of a long-term mobile strategy?
2:00 What should brands do first – mobile site or mobile app?
2:50 Why are mobile phones and tablets different to PCs?
3:40 Why should Websites distinguish between different visitor devices?
4:30 How else can analytics help to tailor the Web experience for mobile visitors?

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