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  • Design Patterns - Posted by mdagruma - 06 Dec 2012
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    Lightweight accordions & sliders with jQuery Mobile

  • Mobile developers are commonly confronted with clients who want everything – all the content and features – on their PC site crammed into the mobile site, rather than going for a streamlined mobile site. That might sound like a recipe for bloated code and a poor user experience – neither of which is acceptable on a mobile device – but it needn’t be, as long as mobile developers emphasize ingenuity over excess functionality. That’s where jQuery accordion menus and sliders come in very useful and, if used cleverly, they can help keep the mobile experience lean and mean.
  • Touch - Posted by DenOdell - 26 Sep 2012
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    Sense and sensor-bility: access mobile device sensors with JavaScript

  • Just as we humans call upon our senses to provide us with data about our environment, so smartphones and tablet devices use their own digital senses – touchscreen, geolocation, orientation, direction and motion – to provide interaction and to tailor applications and games to the user and their real-world surroundings.
  • Android - Posted by weimenglee - 25 Jul 2011
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    Preserving User Preferences in Android Applications

  • Often you need to store personalized information for each user of your application. For example, your application may require users to logon to a secure server for authentication. In this case, the user needs to supply his credentials, such as a login name and a password. The first time the user uses your application this information will be entered by the user, but subsequently it would be useful for your application to “remember” this information somewhere so that it can save the user the trouble of entering the same information every time he uses your application.
  • - Posted by mokil - 25 Feb 2011
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    Responding To Inbound SMS Messages

  • In our last article, we created the basis of a messaging system, allowing us to receive inbound messages using keywords and shortcodes. We’ve also previously seen how we can send SMS messages. It’s time to bring everything together and create a simple messaging system that can process inbound SMS messages and send back responses to those messages. The Current System
  • Windows Phone - Posted by weimenglee - 07 Jan 2011
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    Web Access in Windows Phone 7 Apps

  • In previous articles, I have shown how easy it is to get started in Windows Phone 7 programming using Visual Studio 2010 and the Windows Phone Developer Tools. In this third installment of the series, I will continue the exploration of Windows Phone development. This time I will focus on one key development topic: Web access. Unless you are writing a Hello World application, chances are that your application will need to connect to the outside world.
  • Messaging - Posted by mokil - 01 Nov 2010
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    Receiving SMS Messages via Shortcodes & Keywords

  • Back around 1998, more and more billboards started to display some odd messages, along the lines of "Visit us on the web at". This was a major shift in advertising and gave marketers another avenue to explore. It was, of course, the beginning of the Internet's move from academia to the mainstream, and the proliferation of Web sites seemed to happen almost overnight.
  • Messaging - Posted by mokil - 01 Sep 2010
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    Handling SMS delivery receipts

  • Recently, we looked at how to send SMS messages using a standard HTTP POST-based API. As was intimated at the time, most APIs also allow you to process delivery receipts for the messages you send. This allows you to determine the status of the message, i.e. delivered, failed, expired etc. Let's take a look at how this all works. Sending SMS Messages - A Quick Recap
  • Messaging - Posted by mokil - 10 Aug 2010
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    Sending SMS from Apps and Webapps

  • It’s easy to send SMS messages from any Web site or application, but it’s surprising how few sites/applications actually do this. Integrating SMS into your system gives it something extra, and allows your system to enhance the mobile experience for the user. In this article, we’ll look at how an SMS message can be sent from any system, and at a few providers who offer this functionality. Choosing an SMS Provider There are essentially three types of SMS provider: Mobile Network (e.g. Vodafone, Three) Aggregator SMS Messaging Company
  • Quality Assurance - Posted by mokil - 19 Jul 2010
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    Testing on Physical Devices Made Easy

  • In past articles, we've discussed testing mobile Web sites using browsers, and testing using emulators. Using this combination, along with a solid test plan, should bring you to a point where your mobile site is stable and appears to be working correctly on a number of devices. Ah, but wait; what do I mean by appears to be?

Posted by ruadhan - 08 Sep 2008

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