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  • Marketing - Posted by mobiThinking - 07 Nov 2013
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    Winners of the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs) 2012, with videos and case studies

  • Update (November 2013): The 2013 winners of the EMMAs are here. Congratulations to the EMMAs winners. If you can send us a link to your case study/video and a paragraph outlining the nature of the entry, we will add it. Commended and finalists, please send a link. Send details to: editor (at) The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs) • Founded: 2010.
  • Interviews - Posted by mobiThinking - 12 Sep 2013
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    What is the future of mobile? Q&A with Tomi Ahonen

  • If companies/organizations want to engage customers and clients, retain them, learn more about them and sell to them, then they need to plan a cohesive and agile mobile strategy that will prepare them for the years ahead.
  • Interviews - Posted by mobiThinking - 08 Aug 2013
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    Introduction to Chinas booming mobile money market - Q&A with Charmaine Oak, Shift Thought

  • With a vast number of Chinese already using digital wallets to pay for goods online, it’s was only a matter of time before mobile money took off. Now that standards are in place, and licenses issued to 250+ online/mobile payment providers, coupled with the availability of cheaper smartphones and mobile Web, the time has now come. This year 300 million people in China will pay for goods and services using their mobile phones, according to estimates from analysts Shift Thought.
  • Responsive Design - Posted by Staff - 31 Jul 2013
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    A selection of easy-to-use tools to build a responsive site

  • There are various techniques for building mobile websites. Previously we wrote this article which covers some of these techniques, and which gives an overview to help developers to decide which approach to adopt.
  • Interviews - Posted by mobiThinking - 22 Jul 2013
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    mobiThinking guide to mobile agencies: XS2

  • • Next agency profile: Phonevalley • All profiled agencies: Guide home XS2: in brief Type of agency: full service. Founded: XS2 was founded in 2008 by Jan Willem Vaartjes & Sander Munsterman. Acquisitions: N/A.
  • Case Studies - Posted by mobiThinking - 11 Jul 2013
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    The Mobi Awards 2013 winners, with videos and case studies

  • Mobi Awards • Founded: 2009 • Organized by: DIGIDAY • Deadline for entries: July. • Entry fee: N/A. • Number of entries: N/A. • Finalists announced: October… but full details are unavailable. • Winners announced: October, at the Mobi Awards Gala in New York City.